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Posted by Chesapeake

I see this new blue team in trouble just like the predecesor. New Mutants and Hope plots are not very interesting at the moment.

Posted by jordama

@newxfactor: I think they changed her at the last minute. I haven't read WatX but when i do i will double check all this.thanks for pointing it out.

Posted by newxfactor

But... Armor is currently on Jean Gray Institute... In Wolverine and the X-Men #1 she is on the list of the students... Just saying...

Posted by jordama

@Trodorne: I think he got a lot more heavy hitters, but I want to read Anole and Rockslide. Not to mention X-Factor

Posted by Trodorne

Team Scott has a better lineup than Team Logan.

Posted by ApatheticAvenger

@jordama: Meh, the only person of interest to me involved in the school would be Kitty.

Posted by jordama

@ApatheticAvenger: I felt the same way until the news about the JG school. Now I am a little more torn.

Posted by ApatheticAvenger

Blue Team rules! Except Namor.

Posted by jordama
@Ouija: I am 90 percent sure that is going to be Betsy. I saw a Blue team cover that had her on it so I'm guessing she sides with blue but still does X-Force. 
Edited by jordama
@Ouija: Still speculation but yeah. 
I will update the picture when a few more are revealed. But most seem to be identified already.  
Edited by Ouija

Totally couldn't find this THANKS JORDAMA....................I am so pumped that Storm and Warpath are on the same cover!!!  
I am dying to find out who that girl is in the middle of Jubilee, Warpath, Storm, and Domino (I hope that is Dom)
Posted by jordama
@AgeofHurricane: Dom has made a few random appearances but I think the schism posters are focusing on the older X-Men and Allies. 
Posted by AgeofHurricane
@jordama: I just don't see where all these "long lost" characters are coming from, like they just pop up out of no where Post-Schism ?
Posted by jordama
@AgeofHurricane: If you look at the X-Men cover, on the far right there is a women with leg guns. It would make more sense that she would be one Wolverines team, but given the big guy is being hypothesized as Warpath maybe they had enough of Wolverine. 
Posted by AgeofHurricane

Nice, you pretty much nailed it. (not sure about Domino though)