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Posted By Jotham

So, you think it's worth getting, or what?

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Posted By Asymmetrical
@Jotham: online comics on DC's site? umm...personally, I'm still undecided, I keep this list as a way of checking up on the progress they're making, I mean I've already read every single one of the Vertigo comics they have available (except American Splendor V2 #1-4)...I think DC needs to upload a few thousand more comics from all their imprints and then have paid monthly access or something...this issue-by-issue business doesn't appeal to me in the case of online comics tbh 
I think of online comics as more of a service then a commodity
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Posted By Jotham
@aztek the lost: Yeah, I don't know why they're dragging their heels. Heck, every media company is when it comes to digital distribution. I don't know why, it's completely futile.
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Posted By Billy Batson

Bullets is fully collected now :D