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Posted by B'Town

I don't know who everyone is here, but I think you do have some interesting choices. I'm looking forward to the Angel & Faith ongoing coming out soon. I think they will play well off each other.

Posted by Mercy_
If you ever watched Firefly, you shouldn't even need to ask me why he's my favourite.

I love you.

Posted by Hawkeye446

Ooh, Not all A-Listers! Good List!

Posted by ApatheticAvenger

This is a really cool list. x]

Posted by lykopis

I noticed most of the guys on this list look like you ----HAHAHAHHAHAHA --- you are SO vain!!!! :P

Danielle Baptiste is pretty cool.....

Posted by Aiden Cross

@lykopis: Shut up, they look nothing like me :P And you're one to talk about vain, miss 'Look at the people that share my name list' :P

Posted by lykopis


I am not vain, I am egotistical.

And just accept the compliment....sheesh.

Posted by Aiden Cross

@lykopis: I failed to see the compliment :P

Edited by MichaelRC

Are you a fan of Nightcrawler? You seem like you would enjoy him a lot, especially the darker version of him.

Edited by Aiden Cross

@michaelrc: i am! Just not the dark Nightcrawler actually :) I think what makes him interesting is his lifestory and personality, the dark version kind of negates all that

Posted by MichaelRC

@aiden_cross: Makes sense, you just seemed like a fan of dark heroes.