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Posted by Hawkeye446

FANTASTIC list - I SEE CHARMED (DH gets cooler)

Posted by B'Town

You have quite a few of my favorites on here.  BoP, Secret Six, Supergirl, Batgirl, WW and some X-Books.
Posted by SecretKnight

Well honey then dont put pull list if they are canceled oh and im dont know how but i think your profile pic is totes bad 
P.S. With no love at all Anonymous 
P.S.S. If yopu say you know this is i will be so mad 
P.S.S.S. I never much cared for your reviews 
; )  
Bye-bye honey
Posted by Mercy_

This is a list of any and all series that I am either currently reading, used to read or am collecting in trades. 

:D It's basically a list of all series I've ever read...it's not even half complete though. 
Posted by SecretKnight

lol. half of them arent even runnin still. crazy people who live in a cage.
Posted by Asymmetrical
@The Dark Huntress: I see no Vertigo, that equals insta-FAIL!
Posted by Mercy_
@aztek the lost: Try this list, then. It's not complete, but it gives a good idea. And how the hell is my list a fail?
Posted by Asymmetrical

that answers that question, FAIL! 
also you should maybe say which issues you've read, for all I know you like Golden Age Superman

Posted by queenfrost_

WOW! I love it!