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Posted by Mr.Q
there is talk of a Justice League Movie soon. but there has been talk of a Justice League movie for years. I have also heard rummers of a Sandman TV movie. but rummers tend to be misleading. but I agree. I'd watch a Question movie provided it was about Vic Sage.
Posted by Deadcool

The Question movie!!! OH YEAH!!

Posted by Spacey
@Deadcool: I know, right?! It would be amazing (if they did it right)!
Posted by Deadcool
@Spacey: Indeed! I was thinking in a movie with elements from the Volume 1 and the Volume 2, that would be awesome!
Posted by CrimsonCake

There planning on making a Suicide Squad movie, I just hope that it actually gets made.

Posted by Spacey
@CrimsonCake: Oh man, it better be awesome, I don't think my heart could take disappointment here!