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@pixelized said:

@Iron_Lad said:

Havok would be better off as the leader of X-Factor. I love Madrox but he's too unpredictable, and he's not that much great of a leader.

I'd have a problem with Alex quite literally dropping out of the sky and leading that team again. At least put him on a probationary period first, he could be a Skrull.

You're right. In fact, now that I think about it I'm not quite sure how that leadership transition would work out. X-Factor (current incarnation) was Madrox's idea in the first place. He built it from the ground up. Alex coming in out-of-the-blue and taking over just doesn't seem right, then again I just can't see Havok in a secondary role on an X-squad. Since Alex and Jamie are best friends, maybe Havok will be willing to accept a supporting role on this team.
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@Iron_Lad: Well thats kinda the point. an x-factor means something unpredictable and different, with Madrox and his powers it helps to create that feeling unlike the first volume wich had all the regular X-Men characters (Cyclops, Angel, Rogue, Beast etc). Im okay with with getting a new member but if Havok becomes leader it would just feel like backtracking and not letting Madrox be at his full potential.
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@Joe Venom said:

@Baddamdog said:

X-Men: Regenesis - Blue Team
X-Men: Regenesis - Blue Team
X-Men: Regenesis - Gold Team
X-Men: Regenesis - Gold Team

is there any chance that Toad is on one of these team? I think its time for Marvel to throw him a bone

jesus. how many freaking X-teams do we need? shit...
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Hope the art will be better than this poster drawing

right? ew....
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Madrox is the natural leader of this X-book. He has keep this team together for a long time and all its readers in it as well. Havok, it has been nice to see in the movie but do not expect to lead this team.