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You may have heard of a little movie currently in theaters called Dark Shadows. Dynamite Entertainment has brought back the franchise in comic form last year so it makes perfect sense that they'd pair Barnabas Collins and Vampirella together for the first time.

Dynamite announced today DARK SHADOWS/VAMPIRELLA #1 will debut in August written by Marc Andreyko with art by Patrick Berkenkotter with a cover by Fabiano Neves.

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The series will see Barnabas Collins going to New York due to the disappearance of a family friend. It turns out he's not quite prepared for the seedy underworld of New York. Vampirella happens to be in New York as well searching for the "Big Apple Butcher." What will their encounter be like? You can probably imagine.

Marc Andreyko said the following:

Barnabas Collins and Vampirella are two classic characters in vampire lore, so getting the chance to pen their first meeting is a blast. I remember watching Dark Shadows reruns and sneaking peeks at the Vampirella magazines when I was just a wee lad, so getting to do this book seems like fate! And I'm not going easy on Barnabas or Vampi in this series, either! They are going to be put through a gauntlet of terror before this book is through!
== TEASER ==

Check out this early look at what we can expect in August.

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* Mindblown *

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Huh. Didn't see that coming.

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@CaioTrubat said:

* Mindblown *


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This should be interesting!

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So this takes place in the past? Awesome.

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Wow. Just wow. Is this an ongoing or a mini or one-shot?

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::FANGASM:: Seriously this is great!

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That art is beautiful. I actually hope that's how it's printed and they don't clean it up too much for hte final version.

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Interesting, normally i don't buy anything that Johnny Depp as become a part of lol

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Looks pretty interesting :D

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OKAY!!!! Now this is more like it!!!!!!!