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Earlier today Marvel gave us a peek at what we can anticipate in their upcoming AGE OF ULTRON series by releasing two teasers as well as the solicit information for the series. The two covers feature two characters who will likely be prominently featured in the story: Red Hulk and Black Widow. The new series will be written by Brian Michael Bendis feature the art of Bryan Hitch. Look for issues one, two and three this March, 2013: are you looking forward to AGE OF ULTRON?


Written by Brian Michael Bendis

Art and Cover by Bryan Hitch

On-Sale March 2013 A.U.

== TEASER ==


Written by Brian Michael Bendis

Art and Cover by Bryan Hitch

On-Sale March 2013 A.U.


Written by Brian Michael Bendis

Art and Cover by Bryan Hitch

On-Sale March 2013 A.U.

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First! For what it's worth anyway

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Great covers! It makes it difficult to decide whether buy the ultron variants or this ones =/

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Black widow looks a bit Hope-esque there what with the cape and hair and all

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That Rulk cover... AMAZING!

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Sorry if this is a dumb question but is this a limited series and if so, how many issues are expected? Deciding whether to add it to my pull list or not. Thanks.

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Red Hulk dies and ends that awful new Thunderbolts series

The World Lives In Peace.

Then The Guy Cabel Thought was Red Hulk in X Sanction Arrives

New Red Hulk?

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@NewComicGuy said:

Sorry if this is a dumb question but is this a limited series and if so, how many issues are expected? Deciding whether to add it to my pull list or not. Thanks.

Limited series. 9 or 11 issues I believe.

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@NewComicGuy: It's a limited series 10 issues and I believe it has a one-shot aftermath.

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I love the black widow cover.

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Im gonna say Hulk and Ironman.

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Is this what is referred to as an "event"? I know I had heard references from some of the stuff going on in New Avengers will have something to do with this, I assume this is expected to have an effect on the Marvel Universe as a whole?

Sorry for the silly questions but just a little over a year into reading comics and not familiar with all the ins and outs.

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I was gonna skip this because I hate events and bull, but the more I see, the more intrigued I am. Damn Marvel for knowing how to work a teaser.

Plus....how badass is Black Widow?

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Widow looks awesome. 
Will they please just kill Red Hulk already or at least turn him back into a human. 
They've taken too long with this. I already lost any interest I had in the Age of Ultron.

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Whats wrong with her eye?

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Marvel really seems to be into pairing people up recently.

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@Jonny_Anonymous said:

Whats wrong with her eye?

I saw that!

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I am really excited about this story. Those covers look fantastic.

Does anyone know if that Binary Code at the top of the cover means anything? Wasn't sure if it was actually words or if it is just random strings of 0 and 1s.

@Jonny_Anonymous said:

Whats wrong with her eye?

It looks all scarred up. Must have happened in the initial battles.

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Hoping they include Vision in this event seeing as how I think they forgot he was in the #0 issue of AvX

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This might actually be a GOOD Marvel event. Red Hulk makes a lot of sense as one of the key resistance players, he's too much of a military man to surrender. Black Widow too, to an extent. Just wish it happened more than 6 months since AvX.

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@Nefilim927 said:

Hoping they include Vision in this event seeing as how I think they forgot he was in the #0 issue of AvX

Maybe Ultron is the reason Vision hasn't appeared since then.

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Have to admit: those covers are awesome. Especially the Black Widow one.

March/April/May are going to be expensive months.

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I have a feeling this is going to be a messed up time-travel story. I can't wait to see how this story goes...

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I am still iffy on this event. Not sure if I want to pick it up

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I hope that the writing is as good as the art.

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I skipped the entire AvX thing and I'm probably going to skip this one too. I just dont know about it.

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If they can keep the whole story contained in those ten books I'll be more than cool with that. I just don't want The Age of Ultron seeping into every other book.

#28 Posted by Reignmaker (2368 posts) - - Show Bio

Meh...but I'm committed to following this. This will make or break me with Marvel events.

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normally I'd bitch about another event happening so soon.............................again. it's getting with Marvel. I have been waiting for a few years for this tho, so Im excited. I just don't want it to go and stray away from montly issues stories and force us to follow other titles I don't want to buy. It is Bendis tho. So that makes me happy too. I was also excited for AVX and to me that just fell on it's face ina complete disaster. The Cyclops being bad is interesting so far, but still AVX as garbage, and the X-Men got their asses handed to them so many times, as an X fan I'm pissed off.

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Isn't Hitch only doing the first 6 issues? i'm worried about the artist change if he leaves

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Oh look, it's Bendis spearheading an event ... looks like characters like Wolverine are up for more ridicule and comic relief jobbing. Only way to do worse than having Bendis treat Logan in a comic event would be to put Ennis in charge.

Should also see Spider-Man as all banter and little substance again. Fun for a writer getting a 'carte blanche' from editors sleeping at the wheel and treating fan favorites as one dimensional morons I guess. Sure is an attention grabber and hey, bad publicity is better than none right?

Widow with her pee shooter should prove all powerful though. She doesn't grab enough attention to warrant any underhanded treatment. Making her 'uber leet' would attract more than the inverse in her case. Don't believe it folks? Wait and see ... it's part and parcel to the Bendis "modus operandi".

Yes ... I'm still bitter.

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Ugh...Bendis and The Avengers, when will it end..!!

That being said, I am looking forward to seeing what Hitch can do with these characters. I love JRjr but I think these pages will really be full of detail and really give you a sense of this being a epic battle, but I am sure Bendis will through some wrinkle in it that will make curse his name...again!


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@judasnixon:I think it's crossing into seven other titles, two of which are Superior Spider-Man and Fantastic Four, but the tie-ins get there own issue. Like, there'll be Superior Spider-Man #5 and #6, with #5AU(Age of Ultron) released in between them, so I think people will be able to skip the tie-ins without it affecting the plot of the main issues.

I don't know what the other tie-ins are, but Avengers isn't one of them.

#34 Posted by judasnixon (10464 posts) - - Show Bio
@V_Scarlotte_Rose: I think I can live with that.
#35 Posted by Smurfboy (480 posts) - - Show Bio

Looks nice. I'll wait for the hardcover collection, though. I can't afford to buy each issue every month.

#36 Posted by V_Scarlotte_Rose (6732 posts) - - Show Bio

@judasnixon: Apparently most of the tie-in titles will only have one AU issue each too. I hear they wanted to make this a more small scale event, which is why they're triple and double shipping, to not drag on too long.

I'm kinda hoping it doesn't cross into the titles I get, so I'm not tempted to spend more money.

#37 Posted by Lone_Wolf_and_Cub (7179 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm psyched for this. Finally! Some love for one of my favorite villains, Ultron!

#38 Posted by Nefilim927 (449 posts) - - Show Bio

BOOM! MIND=BLOWN that would be interesting

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Loading Video...
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Picking this up

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Is this a series featuring x-men, avengers and all heroes or what? I'm curious.

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While i hate Marvel's yearly summer cross over, I've got to admit that i'm fairly stoked for this one.

Bendis and Ultron together just seems like such a great idea.

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The only reason I'm excited for this series is because of Moon Knight's possible involvement.

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Yes Red Hulk is on a cover. Will I be getting thos cross-over? Hell no.

Judging from what I saw in the last cross-over, Red Hulk will get slapped around, then stuck to the back like a model for the rest of the time, only opening his mouth to say generic R. Lee Ermy based military lingo (I love Ermy. Just not every. single. damn. time.)

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I feel stupid for having to ask this but what does A.U. stand for when it says 2013 A.U.

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@IronAngelX: Age of Ultron? Just a guess.

Age of Ultron looks interesting. Hopefully it will turn out better than AvX.

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Spider-Man is gonna die. I swear, that's all Marvel has Spider-Man there anymore. They punish Spider-Man non stop.

Wolverine is gonna live. Marvel always has to put Wolverine on a pedestal lately. He's always the winner in everything.

The main 4 (Cap, Iron man, Hulk, and Thor) are going to make it.

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@Jonny_Anonymous: Phalanx infection.

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@CBninja Actually you're not the first annoying wanker on the net to say "first" for some yet to be understood prepubescent reason, but you are one of the last few to keep on doing it.

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Never been an Ultron fan, but this event looks badass