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(W) Brian Wood (A) Alvaro Martinez (CA) Gabriel Hardman


• UTOPIA's insane plan to end the war

• WORLD WAR X claims its first casualties

• Will the war finally unite, or divide forever?

Item Code: AUG130782

In Shops: 10/9/2013

SRP: $3.99

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Ultimate X-Men definitely my favorite Ultimate comic even though I love Ultimate Avengers and Ultimate Spider-Man. And I definitely prefer the way Wood, Sotomayor, Lucas, and Martinez are handling the whole mutant race on the verge of extinction thing. They're doing better than 616 X-Men staff have been doing lately

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I love the Ultimate Universe, so it will probably be taken away soon.

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I think the recent Ultimate X-Men have been garbage since Ultimatum. The New Ultimate Spider Man is sweet and the Ultimates are still good. Thats it.