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(W) Mark Waid (A/CA) Mark Bagley


• To stop HULK from destroying the AVENGERS a dangerous plan is put into play

• Bruce Banner's brain damage is cured, but at what cost?

• What forbidden knowledge has TONY STARK used to save his friend?

Item Code: APR140712In Shops: 6/11/2014SRP: $3.99

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Would it have killed Waid to have had Iron Man say "Oh rly?"

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A bit better than Waid's been writing Hulk in the past but I can't shake the feeling that something's been off with the title ever since Blind Rage finished. That spark of freshness and creativity went out in Agent of T.I.M.E. and it hasn't been replaced. Hopefully other writers like Duggan and Davis will be able to give Hulk the stories he deserves.

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Another meh issue coming our way!

10 bucks says that Hulk uses Cap's shield to decapitate the false Abomination clone.