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(W) Joe Caramagna (A) Various (CA) Patrick Scherberger

• Young Peter Parker is the high school bullies' favorite target. But all that changes the day a science experiment goes wrong, and Peter begins to transform!

• When a personal tragedy teaches Peter a harsh lesson in responsibility, he must find the inner strength to become a hero!

• Can the brand-new Spider-Man master his new powers in time to take on the villainous Vulture?

• When a giant robot spider attacks New York, Spider-Man must prove his innocence by tracking down the scientist responsible: the diabolical Dr. Octopus!

• When the sinister Sandman assaults Midtown High, it's up to Peter to stop him - even if must risk revealing his secret identity!

• Four titanic tales set in Spider-Man's past!

Item Code: MAR140696In Shops: 5/28/2014SRP: $4.99

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Another Spidey book that's going back to the beginning of his career? Pass.

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Why does this exist?

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...ZZzzzzz looks really really boring

Stop retelling us his past and or trying to shoehorn S*** in..