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(W) James Robinson (A/CA) Leonard Kirk



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I really like how every issue ends on a dark/sad note. This is my kind of Fantastic Four book. I REALLY hope Johnny storm doesn't get his powers back by the end of this run. Every single Fantastic Four writer has this really bad habit of messing wither their powers and then undoing it all before passing the book on. I think it would be super cool if Johnny evolved to learn some hand to hand stuff, and maybe even start using some guns and tech and stuff.

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@teerack: I second that, there is a lot more story potential for powerless Johnny

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@teerack: I second that, there is a lot more story potential for powerless Johnny

Especially considering there are two other Human Torches.(Toro & Jim Hammond) Three if you count the new Inhuman(Inferno) with fire powers.

I think a powerless Johnny could make for a really great solo book if done right. He could get his gear/tech from Peter Parker since they are best friends. I think Johnny might be too blonde, white, privileged, and male to get a solo book though with the whole diversity initiative Marvel has been taking in it's choices recently. Kind of sucks he gets put in that reverse discrimination category, but I've wanted a Johnny Storm solo book for the past 10 years... one can dream. :P

I would actually love if this book really was the fall of the fantastic four and the team breaks up in the end, then Sue and Johnny could get solo books and Ben could rejoined the Avengers. Reed can be in what ever since we get to see so much of him in New Avengers, maybe start a new FF book where it's just him and the kids. Then they could have a new Fantastic Four team as well maybe Hank Pym, Red She-Hulk, Cloak, and Dagger.