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(W) Brian Michael Bendis (A/CA) Stuart Immonen

"The Trial of Jean Grey"

The arrival of the original X-Men in the present sent shockwaves through the Marvel Universe, but we've only seen the effects on Earth. When alien races learn that Jean Grey, host of the destructive Phoenix Force, is back on earth, they do something about it. Now it's up to the rest of the All-New X-Men and the Guardians of the Galaxy to save Jean Grey from twisted intergalactic justice! Don't miss two of Marvel's biggest franchises crossing over for the first time!

Item Code: NOV130557 In Shops: 1/22/2014 SRP: $3.99

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lol Ice man

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I love the ice man variant and I LOVE THIS BOOK! Even though the Cyke/X23 thing is a little perverse..it's still so great.

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Praise the lord! Stuart Immonen is back!

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Yay!!! Immonen!

Iceman's bit is pretty cute.

Should've just picked up #18, skipped everything about the purifiers, and jumped on again with this issue. I strongly disliked #19 and #20 for the price I paid and happy that I skipped #21.

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Dat variant cover...

Also how much thought went into that blackboard equation? Holy heck that's awesome.

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Just walk away, Angel, just walk away.

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I'm liking that variant cover, plus poor Angel. You can see how excited he was for that juicy burger only to get caught in between Scott and Jean.

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dude Iceman just laying outside doing snow angels singing Run DMC is one of the reasons why I like Bendis's writing

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This was hilarious to read. And wow Jeannie -- get cracking on controlling your "over-hearing." That's just not right.