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PETER PANZERFAUST from Image/Shadowline is one of those really good comics we just don't talk enough about. The first issue was reviewed but (unfortunately) I've got a little behind. The series has been doing well with multiple sell outs and skyrocketing prices for back issues.

Inspired by the classic J.M. Barrie creation Peter Pan, PETER PANZERFAUST has a different twist by taking place during World War II. Written by Kurtis J. Wiebe with art by Tyler Jenkins, the series is about to make its way to an even bigger audience.

Adjacent Productions and Quality Transmedia is putting out a fully animated motion comic adaptation. The voice cast will include Elijah Wood, Sumer Glau, Ron Perlman and Dante Basco. You have to admit that's an impressive list of voice actors.

Elijah Wood takes the role of Peter and Summer Glau will voice Wendy. Perlman will give life to Peter's arch-nemesis, the Nazi office Kapitan Haken, who is basically this story's version of Captain Hook.

Those planning on attending C2E2 in Chicago can catch the world premiere trailer for the motion comic on Saturday, April 27 at 3:15 p.m. Wiebe and Jenkins will be at the panel along with Jef Krelitz of Quality Transmedia.

But that's not all.

Adjacent Productions and Quality Transmedia have announced that a live-action series based on the comic is also in the works. Now is the time to catch up. You can pick up the first trade collecting the first five issues. The second volume collecting issues 6-10 goes on sale May 15. PETER PANZERFAUST #11 continues the story in July.

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Motion Comics: When you can't afford to make a movie.

"Adjacent Productions and Quality Transmedia have announced that a live-action series based on the comic is also in the works."

Wait, what? Why bother with a motion comic when you ARE filming?

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Wow that's awesome!! I think this series is great and deserves all these adaptations!

But sadly we are still waiting for something to happen with CHEW...

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@the_mighty_monarch: Even though some may not be crazy about motion comics, at least you know the art won't be compromised. And even though a live-action series may be in the works, maybe the motion comic can get done sooner? There might be more logistics in making a live-action happen.

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these things are so pointless. you can get the comic for a lot cheaper. boo motion comics.

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I guess this has nothing to do with this article, but has ComicVine ever talked about Thrillbent? I found about them like two months ago and would love to know your thoughts about their way of doing comics!

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@thetimestreamer: I think they can be great. Astonishing X-men Motion comics have all been awesome. Same with Black Panther.

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@savagedragon: they are just needless and random for my taste. but i will agree the marvel ones were great.

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This could make a fun movie or cool TV miniseries.

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Fan of motion comics but once again think they are unnecessary. I do like the idea of them having some high caliber actors to do the voices though. May have to try this when its out.