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H'el on Earth continues today in SUPERMAN #16. Superman has brought in the Justice League to try to reclaim his Fortress of Solitude but that will be the least of his concerns when he finds himself up against another threat.

Check out this early first look at SUPERMAN #17 with penciled pages by Kenneth Rocafort posted over at DC's blog.

Hitting stores today, SUPERMAN #16 serves as the next chapter in “H’El on Earth” - a crossover event taking place in SUPERMAN, SUPERBOY and SUPERGIRL that unites all of the Super Family for the first time in DC COMICS – THE NEW 52 and puts them into battle with the maniacal alien, H’el, who will stop at nothing to bring back Krypton from extinction … even at the expense of Earth!

If you’ve already read the issue, then chances are your jaw is still mopping up the floor underneath you. And you likely have tons of burning questions – like does the appearance of the all-new [name redacted] really mean what it says it means? And if so, what will the Man of Steel have to do in order to save [info redacted]?

While there’s still a month until your questions get answered in SUPERMAN #17, the startling conclusion of “H’El on Earth,” we’ve got a special surprise for you today to help make the wait until February 27 a little easier. Below, take an exclusive first look at Kenneth Rocafort’s interior art for SUPERMAN #17, and sound off in the comments section below about what you think will happen in the explosive finale to this tremendous crossover!


• The startling conclusion of “H’EL ON EARTH”!
• It’s the final fight with H’El — and to win, one of the team will have to make a fatal sacrifice! • The shocks continue as the all-new Oracle appears!

Written by: Scott Lobdell

Art by: Kenneth Rocafort

Cover by: Kenneth Rocafort

Variant Cover by: Kenneth Rocafort

Color/B&W: Color

Page Count: 32

U.S. Price: 2.99

On Sale Date: Feb 27 2013

== TEASER ==
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Look like he needs help from JL

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@FatihBATMAN: mos deff

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Big business here huh! damn...gogogo JL! hehe

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Rocafort's pencils are so crisp. Holy cow, I love looking at them--even uncolored.

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Being a comic book artist is serious work. This looks great.

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Going to take a rough stab at either Dr. Veritas or H'El makes the 'fatal choice', since no one's solo books appear to be ending and I doubt the dedicated dog-owner; Lobdell would kill Krypto. :)

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God. I love Rocafort's work and I wish this one and 16 were both coming out today. Still super excited about this one, though.

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C'mon u time machine work

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Nice art

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I'm still, to use the internet vernacular, "butthurt" over the name Oracle being given to this apparent Galactus knock-off

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@Fantasgasmic said:

I'm still, to use the internet vernacular, "butthurt" over the name Oracle being given to this apparent Galactus knock-off

Oracle looks more like a Final Fantasy villain.He may have heralds like Galactus but I doubt that he's a planet eater.

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Cool, Oracle is nothing like Galactus....seems 10x more powerful if anything, doesn't need gimmicks like eating planets to survive. I likey!

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So the justice league show up... does this take place before or after the whole Atlantis invading thing?

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GOD I love Rocafort's art. It's a shame I'm kind of hating Superman right now...

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@bunkerbuster05 said:

GOD I love Rocafort's art. It's a shame I'm kind of hating Superman right now...

Sh*t I just read this because his art is so F*CKING GORGEOUS.

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You really want to put out a teaser for your books, DC? Drop a line saying Lobdell has been removed from TT and Superman. It certainly renewed my enthusiasm for Red Hood!

Rocafort's artwork can definitely stay, though.

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I loved the 16th issue! His art was amazing! O_O

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::squints eyes shut at the teasers but throws a thumbs up:: wonderful!

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i wanna know... do you guys think lobdell is writing superman right?? i hear mixed things... for me, i like, what about you guys?

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Any ideas when this arc will be released on trade?