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Marvel released an early look at SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #6. We know Spider-Man, under the influence of Doc Ock, doesn't have a lot of patience when it comes to dealing with the villains. His approach is to take them out right away. He's currently dealing with the deadly and dangerous Massacre but what happens when he deals with less dangerous but annoying villains?

Here's a glimpse as to what we can expect in issue 6, written by Dan Slott featuring art by Humberto Ramos (in his SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN debut).


Written by DAN SLOTT


• The new super villain duo, Jester and Screwball, are punking heroes across the Internet.
• And now they’ve set their site on the Superior Spider-Man (who is so not good with that)

32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

On Sale March 20

== TEASER ==

I have a feeling it won't go well for them. But most likely Spidey will go a little easy on them.

Source: Marvel

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Yeah... those two don't stand a chance do they?

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that art is awful

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Good Art but Giuseppe Gamuncoli's artwork

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@dondave said:

Good Art but Giuseppe Gamuncoli's artwork

That's not Cauncoli's artwork. That's Humberto Ramos's artwork. I thoroughly dislike it as well.

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@Lvenger:I meant to say I prefer Giuseppes' work to Humberto's

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Wasn't Jester and Jack O'Lantern killed by Punisher during Civil War?

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I enjoy Ramos's art but I think it only works on Spider-man, I don't know if I would want him to draw say batman or the Hulk. Spider-man is supposed wirey and nimble and Ramos can do that. I'm not that huge of a fan Gamuncoli's Spider-man, he seems a bit stiff and stocky and sometimes borderline fat.

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nice! Ramos' work is looking really good right here.

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Been reading Spider-man for a long time... and I've been reading Humberto Ramos work also a long time. So I'm not saying he is a bad artist... He is an incredible artist... His storytelling is great... his line-work is great... The inker on this book does great work.. (Just don't know who it is).. The backgrounds he made are off the charts.. The only thing I dislike is the weird proportions and the anatomy of the people in the books.. Actually it bothers me... I find good anatomy and proportions very important in the art I see...Personally I prefer a more realistic style.... (Also find that the new Spider-man costume doesn't fit his style very well, compared with the classic costume...) But I believe its a style choice and not that Ramos is incapable to do more realistic art... So I don't find it awful... The style choice just isn't for me( I'm jealous of his backgrounds, though :) )

Also... I've turned around about the whole Ock/Parker swap thing... Sure... I still stand behind my opinion that I find the concept in the beginning a bit weak and forced, but Dan Slott writes a very compelling story with it. And even makes it interesting...

But, to be honest, I can't wait until Peter is back in control. The repercussions could be very interesting.... I hope it happens with the return of the Green Goblin. Could be a nice psychological battle...

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LOVE Ramos's art. Giuseppe Camuncoli's art is good, but I just don't think it is that unique.

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this artwork really, really puts me off. Whoever decided to switch artists was an idiot. Superior Spiderman is supposed to be dark and slightly gritty and this artwork absolutely does not reflect that. Art like this is more suited for comic books for children.

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Spidey's toe sticks out further and further each issue it seems.

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Some of Ramos' body of work is very dark, and gritty. His arc with Jenkin's involving Venom was a fantastically dark look. Frankly, I am glad that Marvel employ him, and many other artists like him. I remember Francisco Herrerras artwork on the Venom Tsunami series. I thought that was fantastic.

I know other people have different opinions on artwork, but, I really like Ramos. I'm glad he's illustrating Spider-Man and I love that the Marvel line has such a diverse number of artists.

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@Oscars94 said:

Wasn't Jester and Jack O'Lantern killed by Punisher during Civil War?

These kinds of villains have no proper legacy. Any two-bit punk can put on their mask.

Jack got a damn good replacement, a highly trained assassin.

Wonder who Jester got.... can't wait to find out.

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Ramos looks great here in this issue , besides I think his style does compliment the Odd Screwball wackyness of this story Slot is telling here . I wonder why everyone has a beef with Ramos work anyway?

I like his Art style [ I like that it is adds a little fun to this whole Peter/ock mind swap hi-jinks Post Marvel Now .]

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dreadful art - why did Stegman only do three issues?

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@InnerVenom123 said:

@Oscars94 said:

Wasn't Jester and Jack O'Lantern killed by Punisher during Civil War?

These kinds of villains have no proper legacy. Any two-bit punk can put on their mask.

Jack got a damn good replacement, a highly trained assassin.

Wonder who Jester got.... can't wait to find out.

I bet it's a monkey

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I think it's the way Ramos draws faces that ruins his artwork for me. The noses specifically.

I can't wait for Stegman's rotation to pick back up for this book. He was killlling it and Camuncoli's issue was pretty strong as well.

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The art looks a little weird at parts

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I love all three styles but I'm gonna have to go with Humberto as my favorite :), I really like the style, it's a little brighter than Ryan's but there's something about the way he works with anatomy that I find neat. Camuncoli draws a killer Spidey but i'm not a big fan of how his Peter turns out.

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I can't stand Ramos's jerky style. :(

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I like screwball a lot. Her and antivenom were the only good things out of OMD.

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Hmmm, Two pranksters messing with the Spiderman who threw the Vulture into a "Spider-Signal" and nearly killed Boomerang. This won't end well for them.

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Spidey's feet aren't consistent. I guess it's a minor nit-pick, but that preview irks me a bit. Other than that Ramos is a fine addition for the Superior alternating artists.

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I have been a big fan of Ramo ever since his work on New X-Men. To me he is is a slightly kookier version of Chris Bachalo, who I also love. I like his Ramo's mixture of realistic environment with the exaggerated cartoon (dare I say anime) like features he gives his characters. In particular I think it really works for spiderman and his lengthy frame. I understand people's concern that this look might not match the tone of the book but I think that it's lazy for people just to come on here and say something akin to "it sucks". If you don't like it at least explain why

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Ramos yay

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urgh this gimmick isn't over till issue 9

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Ramos is tolerable, but I hate how he draws Spidey's eyes. He always has him squinting and there is way too much black around the white of the eyes (or goggles or whatever.)

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Hate Ramos art!

#31 Posted by AranhaMarcial (18 posts) - - Show Bio

With all respect for the artist but the ART Humberto Ramos and seems made for children who watch anime Jap, it destroys all interest in work, doi seeing.

Compounding this story by Dan Slott, ahgk ... Now I will show the poor little suffering OCK in his childhood, he justified having become a cretin, and maniacal villain SECOND CATEGORY. Please have A's. Boring cliché. Drugs OCK and shows him being a villain a villain in fassa love having hate him. STOP trying to sell something that does not exist and, if justice goes from being a bastard.

So we'll forgive Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, for all his past massacres genocide, accepted anyway we can justify. The fact that he suffered in the past at discounted allows each person to judge who deserves, and he hurt, can do the same with the next.

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Oh she's a midget...I was looking at those first few panels wrong for a moment. On the other hand, gotta love Ramos' pencils!

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Not a fan of Superior Spider-man, but I personally like Ramos' art and I'm buying this issue for the villains alone. Sounds like a fun read. Or it could turn out horribly for all involved. We'll see.

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@mickeymayhew: @mightypug78: They need to rotate artist because the book comes out twice a month. They do this to help keep the book on time. Stegman draws three, Gamuncoli draws, then Ramos draws three.

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Why does Spider-Ock have toes in one frame then the next frame he has a full solid boot foot all of a sudden? Just commit to one sort of foot. Also Spider-Ock can apparently grow his limbs & then decrease their size from frame to frame as well. Commit to a body type & image & stay with it, please. Thanks.

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Ramos....not agn.

#38 Posted by Mucklefluga (2653 posts) - - Show Bio

@mickeymayhew said:

dreadful art - why did Stegman only do three issues?

He's back on for 9 isn't he?

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With Peter Parker; I find Ramos art is fantastic, with Otto in charge of the body im wondering what it would be like to have Hardman do the art for superior. just to give that serious under tone to the series. just an idea though I am more interested. I know everyone just wants Otto to be evil. But you all have to think. There are influences that make us who we are. Being beaten and bullied all his life. I would use my superior intellect to make those brainless snivelling brutes bow to my whim or I would crush them under my godly intellect.

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I wish Marvel would get him off Spider-Man. I hate buying the issues he draws

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@RuinedGlory said:

Why does Spider-Ock have toes in one frame then the next frame he has a full solid boot foot all of a sudden? Just commit to one sort of foot. Also Spider-Ock can apparently grow his limbs & then decrease their size from frame to frame as well. Commit to a body type & image & stay with it, please. Thanks.

Otto added the toe to the new boot. That's why the first page is like that. The second page is Peter in Otto's memories and he has his version of his costume on. Which is why the eyes on the mask (in page 2) that Peter is wearing don't have the goggles look that Otto added to his costume along with the toe upgrade. The limbs being different sizes is called perspective. That way it doesn't look like a flat image. That's the main reason his background look so real even though they are drawn almost cartoon like.

Okay aside from that unlike most people I'm excited Ramos is back. He is by far one of my favorite artists. He has a style that you know is his and he does it well. I don't understand how people like this series and don't like this art when it fits the character(s) so well. Oh well, your lose is my gain. Welcome back Ramos.

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I was a lot more optimistic about Superior than most, and I have to say it's even better than I'd hoped. I'd expected to see a lot more of Spidey's old villains getting bafflingly outmatched my the new more ruthless Spidey, or Otto finding out just how hard Pete had it at times against some of the more dangerous psychos in his rogues' gallery, but it's been great looking at all the implications of Otto being the new Spider-Man. I'm still looking forward to more grievous bodily harm afflicting the poor idiots who run into an entirely different spider to the one they're expecting.

#43 Posted by Shadowsnake89 (508 posts) - - Show Bio

@InnerVenom123: True, it could be a new guy, or the original finally got out of that coma he's been in for nine years.

#44 Posted by dontbelievethehyperion (50 posts) - - Show Bio

Ramos' art fits the Spider-Man vibe. Not trying to compare the two but c'mon, McFarlane's art was pretty cartoony and disproportionate as well.

I like it.

#45 Posted by JMLG (135 posts) - - Show Bio

not this stupid ''manga'' like art again SMFH

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@zachkastner: So stegman will return!?!?! YES!!

#47 Posted by zachkastner (188 posts) - - Show Bio

@Baberaham_Lincoln: I believe I remember reading that he is back around issue 10