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Have you read AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #698 today? Dan Slott dropped a pretty big bombshell. Despite the massive changes happening in the title, it's not quite over yet. There's still a couple more issues and Marvel has released a look at the final issue, #700.

Marvel is pleased to present your first look at Amazing Spider-Man #700, from the blockbuster creative team of Dan Slott and Humberto Ramos. It’s the most anticipated comic of the year, and on December 26, fans will truly see the end of Amazing Spider-Man! Celebrate the end of Marvel’s year long celebration of an amazing 50 years featuring the World’s Greatest Super Hero with 104 action-packed pages that when all is said and done, will leave you demanding more! Plus stories by JM DeMatteis & Giuseppe Camuncoli and Jen Van Meter & Stephanie Buscema AND letters answered by Stan Lee! Secrets are revealed, but the twists and turns are not done yet – no fan can miss this!

And when you think all is lost, the must-read story continues in Avenging Spider-Man #15.1 by Chris Yost and Paco Medina! There’s a reason this is the ONLY other Marvel comic on sale December 26. But the only way you’ll find out is by picking it up!

All-new secrets revealed! An epic conclusion! This is Amazing Spider-Man!

This December, Dan Slott and Humberto Ramos bring us the final issue to Marvel’s longest run in Amazing Spider-Man #700!
== TEASER ==




Cover by MR. GARCIN

FOC- 11/26/12 On-Sale – 12/26/12


Written by CHRIS YOST



FOC- 11/26/12 On-Sale – 12/26/12

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Ok I'm officially excited for 700! Oh and first!

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Not. Going. To. Cry.

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I just had my mind blown!!!

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This could be interesting

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Haven't had the money to follow this story. And the fact that they're getting rid of Peter means it's kinda pointless for me to jump on Superior when it comes out. Still, the cover is pretty sweet. Nice homage to where Spidey has been.

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Damn. This looks awesome.

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Gwen <3

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What a touching scene. Even if all Spider-Man fans are supposedly going to want to kill Dan Slott after 700, I do hope he ends the series in a meaningful way that stays true to the awesome character that Spider-Man is. Hopefully 104 pages is enough t do this...

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It looks good, but the cover price is $7,99. Too expensive for me. I'll wait for the trade.

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Wow, looks good=)

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Ultimate spiderman was more tear jerker

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Looks good so far, have 12 months of Marvel to read before this comes out.

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Can't wait!

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I am so excited for this issue. Counting the days!!! I love Spider-man!!

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I have to say the preview alone choked me up!

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What does it say under the post it???????? I MUST KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I really do like Spider-Man, but more as a concept than a singular character. Yes, Peter Parker is the first Spider-Man, but many other characters who've held the mantle have proven themselves to be just as great at being Spider-Man and standing for what he does. However ever since One More Day, yes I know it's been said a million + times but I gotta say it, Peter Parker was not the same. After One More Day he felt like some guy posing as Spider-Man. I've leafed through a few Spider-Man comics since OMD and the Spider-Man I saw wasn't MY Spider-Man. This may just be a personal thing mind you, but I haven't bought a mainstream Spider-Man comic in years, not counting Ultimate Spider-Man obviously.

It's for this reason that if Peter Parker dies and it sticks, well lasts for at LEAST until a few months before Amazing Spider-Man 2 comes out, I'll be okay with it. He might not be the same Spider-Man I grew up with, but even I can admit Peter has earned a lasting happiness with his loved ones. If Peter dies, there are quite a few possible candidates that would be more than suitable to take over the Spider-Man mantle so I welcome that change with open arms.

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i gotta read this. can't wait to read this in tpb

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So that means Miles Morales of 616 is around the corner.

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@andrewbullheaded: no in a preview of age of ultron in march it showed an unmasked spiderman...... who i think is still peter
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@andrewbullheaded: Or present day version of Miguel O'Hara, or a resurrected/never really dead Ben Reilly, or Harry Osborn getting spider powers, or even Kaine becoming Spider-Man for some off the wall reason.

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@Master_Thief said:

@andrewbullheaded: no in a preview of age of ultron in march it showed an unmasked spiderman...... who i think is still peter

That one doesn't count, though. Spidey is wearing his classic costume and I think I read somewhere that it takes place before #700.

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The suspense is killing me, I swear...

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Sweet cover. Spider-Man just being treated like a DC character these days. Too bad.

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and in 20 months, it will be spider man #720. marvel NOW will not be around forever.

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For $7.99 you Marvel can keep it

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Counting the days until the comes out.

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@haydenclaireheroes said:

I have to say the preview alone choked me up!

me too...:'(

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cant wait

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Maybe the superior spidey is a male clone of the queen that went rogue or something like that and to prove that he is not like the original he is going to take the mantle of spiderman is crazy but with jackal in the mix of events recently well it can happen

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So can we have a ''what's under the post-it'' photoshop contest?

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@ma_rc_01 said:

So can we have a ''what's under the post-it'' photoshop contest?

This is a brilliant idea.

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@Duo_forbidden: @haydenclaireheroes: I cried during Ultimate Spidey #160 so I have no doubt that I'm gonna cry during this as well. Just seeing Ben and Gwen on those pages I started to tear up. Whoa, this is gonna be heavy.

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Crap...Slott's messing with my head again, one minute we don't know who the new Spider-Man's going to be, the next we think we do, and then Marvel gives us this and we're back wondering if who we thought was the new Spidey isn't actually the new Spidey. The whole think with Uncle Ben saying he has "one last think" he HAS to do, THEN he can rest just makes me wonder if Peter will finally retire from being Spider-Man or not...

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I'm glad they put Tim Hammond in here, it one of the few old Spiderman comics I really want to own. The episode looses based off of the story on the Spiderman cartoon almost made me cry

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just wow

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So... I hope this means Doc Ock isn't really going to be stealing Peter's life. Please! I can be very okay if Peter wants to retire, but god please don't let peter die as an old gross man without anyone knowing :(
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@andrewbullheaded: no new guy. that makes no sense. plus weve clearly seen superior spider-man is white, and bigger and with other physical characteristics. so stop with the nonsense.

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@RedheadedAtrocitus said:

The suspense is killing me, I swear...

This right here.

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Interesting one major dead character doesn't appear at all...

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I hope Mephisto removed all those MJ naked moments from Pete's memories otherwise Doc Ock is going to have his 8 hands busy for quite some time.

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I just love the cover to this.

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Huh. Reminds me a lot of the final issue of All-Star Superman. Or Warlock.

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see, i doubt there going to keep you know who as spider-man because after a while people will get maaaaaad, but the number one thing that just cannot happen is peter dying. again, ultimate doing that was interesting. killing him off in this world, not so much. if a whole split personality a la hulk thing happens then...oooookay but i don't know. just my two cents.

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id love it if the post-it note was in the final print, like no one is ever allowed to know what uncle Ben said