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Captain America is back from Dimension Z and it took quite a toll on him. Rick Remender really put Cap through the wringer and he's not going to let up on him as Nuke is back to his old tricks. Check out this first look at the next issue on sale soon.

This October, Nuke is on the warpath – and it’s up to Captain America to stop him as Loose Nuke continues in Captain America #12! From the blockbuster creative team of Rick Remender and Carlos Pacheco – it’s an all-out brawl between Super Soldiers as Nuke & Captain America come head-to-head! It’s a showdown for the ages, and you’ll never guess which flag-wearing Weapon Plus alumni comes out on top! Don’t miss Captain America #12 for the answer!




FOC – 9/16/2013, On-Sale – 10/9/2013

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I am actually really enjoying this series. I cannot wait for the Green Skull to show back up. According to Rick he will become a larger villain in the future.

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Nuke is insane. He's lived thru some crazy stuff and hopefully he gets a little justice as a BAMF and not just the typical C-list treatment.

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A reaaly crazy and great book dudes

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Always like seeing Cap and Falcon together.

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Carlos Pacheco? Me likey.

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If Cap's fist hurt this man, i WILL be pissed. This man was tanking shots from, well, A TANK!

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I like this art way more than Romita Jr's

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Great series and I am looking forward to Cap battling Nuke in issue 12.

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What the hell is going on! Lol.

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Last issue was pretty good although the Nuke part was really messed and had almost no sense for me.

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IMO this is the best Marvel series being put out right now.

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Love Nuke! And this looks great!

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Me likey Nuke

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I can't wait for their fight. Cap is going to put him down just like the last time when the fought in DD's book.

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LOl so much is going on in this book but looking forward to it

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I wonder if Daredevil will be in it... I certainly hope so! He was created as a Daredevil villain!

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Dang I just "noticed" something.

While Nuke is being "shot" up and not being phased. He has a bottle of medicine in his hands he opens the bottle and takes all the pills in the next panel.

Oh.......SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He was Super he is Super Doped up Nuke. Like Bane this might be his new thing. Bane uses juice while Nuke uses pills......LOL.