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Although we often try not to judge a book by its cover, when that cover is penciled and inked by artist Adam Hughes, it's hard not to. Back when the covers to the series were first released, BEFORE WATCHMEN: DR. MANHATTAN was immediately one that we were looking forward to. Aside from the fact that Dr. Manhattan is an integral part of the WATCHMEN series, the creative team on this series is also pretty impressive. With Hughes on pencils and inks, J. Michael Straczynski on the script and two gorgeous variant covers by artists Paul Pope and Jim Lee, it's hard to say no to a book like this.


If you're still not convinced whether you should pick up this book or not, perhaps the 8-page preview and two additional inked pages below will help you decide if it's a series you want to invest in. The story opens with a look back on Dr. Manhattan's childhood and adolescence. We see several scenes of him as a child in this issue, something we missed in the original WATCHMEN books. Hughes captures the essence of life in that era brilliantly, and he proves that he's not just good at drawing beautiful women -- he succeeds in setting a scene. After a 15 year hiatus from illustrating interiors, Adam Hughes is back, and it seems to have been well worth the wait.

The BEFORE WATCHMEN titles have been hitting store shelves gradually, and this week it's finally time to check out DR. MANHATTAN's series. Will you be picking it up? The series' first issue will be made available this Wednesday, August 22nd 2012.

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Can't wait to read this issue.

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Loving the art. The first cover looks pretty bad though. He kinda has a derp face look going on there.

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That Jim Lee cover is dreadful. It's like he says "I'll do a line here, and some lines here, and here, and, oh. . here" it's just lazy, generic and boring. Liefeld could have drawn that, the ribcage and the 2" thick fingers and general absence of a knowledge of basic anatomy are certainly his style.

Which all just makes you appreciate the subtlety and craft of Dave Gibbons original art all the better.

At least the Adam Hughes cover shows some understanding of design and composition.

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pimp out the franchise dc. get your money.

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Damn, he needs to get himself some decent trousers jeez ;)

Love the art style, might pick up the HC when it comes out.

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I am totally going to pick this up. Looks awesome!!!

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Wait, Jim Lee drew a cover? I'm getting this.

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@modunhanul: Yeah, Jim Lee drew the 1:200 Variant cover. Good luck finding it for a decent price.

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Laura Martin on colors, Laura Martin on colors. I thought she was a Marvel exclusive.

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Yeah, I'm over the whole Pessimism Thing over this Series. I'm now very whelmed by the whole series of books. :D

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@wildcardcomics: Under or Over?

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Can't wait

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I'm digging the preview.

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I'm definitely getting it. Dr. Manhattan is my favorite Watchmen character and I love Adam Hughes.

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Such. Pretty. Art.

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The art...puts a happy tear to my eye! Manhattan always was my favorite, and I so look forward to reading the whole event when the TPs come out in due time. But I'm soooo impatient till then! :(

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