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This September, it all comes crashing down as Earth’s Mightest Heroes face judgment day – and today, Marvel is proud to present your first look at the oversized AVENGERS #35! The star-studded creative team of Jonathan Hickman, Jim Cheung, Dustin Weaver, Nick Bradshaw and Paco Media fast-forward 8 months, to the battle worn Marvel Universe of tomorrow – and the bleak future facing our heroes. Peer into May 2015, heroes and villains of the Marvel Universe stand at the precipice, and utter decimation looms.

Incursions by parallel Earths from other dimensions have increased in number! To save both universes, one Earth must be destroyed each time! Until now the Illuminati have dealt with this problem in secret. But 8 months from now, the secret is out! The Avengers and the Illuminati are willing to go to war over what must be done – but how could this all have happened?

“In addition to setting the table for the astonishing climax of Jonathan Hickman’s run, we’ll also be providing a glimpse into the immediate future of many of our characters, and what changes await them over the next 8 months of publishing,” says Executive Editor Tom Brevoort in an interview with Marvel.com. “This isn’t some maybe-future, this is the real deal, what’s awaiting the Marvel Universe in the coming year.”

As this epic, oversized issue jumps forward into the future, what has become of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes? With the war between the Avengers and the Illuminati at its peak, who will be left to fend off the Final Incursion? And what will happen if they fail? The clock is ticking and your questions will be answered this September in AVENGERS #35!

AVENGERS #35 (JUL140622)





Time Runs Out Variant by AGUSTIN ALESSIO (JUL140623)

FOC – 08/25/14, On-Sale – 09/17/14

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I was looking forward to the return of the War Machine armor but it looks like it's some kind of alternate universe? Disappointed if true. =(

#2 Posted by New_World_Order (13893 posts) - - Show Bio

Thor's metal arm...so damn badass.

#3 Posted by ShadowSwordmaster (19908 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm likely this so far.

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who's the guy with the cane?

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why does thor has a metal arm? I know future thor has that. But how'd it happen?

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@pixel_kaiser: This isnt an alternative future. This is whats going to be happening. I cant wait to see how it all comes together

@chaos_burn: Thats Steve Rogers, The Previous Captain America.

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This just looks great

#8 Posted by Uncanny_XFactor (833 posts) - - Show Bio

Those navy blue and white costumes are striking and cool.

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Kind of bummed that Hickman had to incorporate Thor without mjolnir and Old Man Cap just for marvel sales gimmick.Definitely concerned given how a lot of its built around Captain America vs Iron Man in ideological war for the avengers heart and soul in mist of the end of Marvel Universe. while captain america as a old man I just cannot see it being as exciting.

Marvel are abusing diversity for short term sales boasts. First the announcement is made to get main stream publicity, which in turn causes none comic book readers be fooled into think this a major moment and therefore of collectable value. This leads to sales boast for the first couple issues. Advertises pay more to get there adds in these first couple of issues because of high demand. Then the sales decline like always and then Marvel need another marketing boast so they return to status quo which you guarantee will be sync with the release of Avengers 2 just like Superior Spider-man was in time with The Amazing Spider-man 2.

If Marvel really cared about diversity they would be giving more marketing support to Storm, Mighty Avengers, She Hulk and Captain Marvel etc. They gave no support Iron Patriot series then stealth cancelled a week before claiming they where all about increasing diversity in portfolio. Poor Mighty Avengers has been a series of tie-in's unable to craft its only identity. Right now Marvel are basically saying if your a Woman or African America (black as we say in the UK) your only good as a short term replacement to boast sales. It's also as depressing as Marvel fixation on having Professor X walk again.

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@novemberx2: It wasn't cancel it ended because it was a mini series.

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Who is the guy with the purple wrist bands? Is he Amadeus Cho?

#12 Posted by ShadowSwordmaster (19908 posts) - - Show Bio
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@micah: Now that would be interesting but would he wear combat boots ?

#15 Posted by medulaoblaganda (1717 posts) - - Show Bio

is that the new thor with the helmet? and maximus against the avengers? how strange. lol

#16 Posted by frozenedge (1465 posts) - - Show Bio

@shadowswordmaster: I think it might be Shang Chi. Stark did give him some bracelets recently I think that amped him or something along those lines

#17 Posted by ShadowSwordmaster (19908 posts) - - Show Bio
#18 Posted by darkbeam (2873 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm really excited.

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This looks awesome. I wonder what Earth will be the Final Incursion? Most likely one we've never seen before but I think it would be really cool if it was one we're really familiar with. I would have liked to see it be the Ultimate Universe since it's Marvels two main universes but that's just fan-ficing. I also wish Hickman would have touched up on how the other known MU's are doing through this like MC2, Cancerverse, Zombieverse, Age of Apoc, etc.

#20 Posted by N00beditor3 (344 posts) - - Show Bio

@shadowswordmaster: On Twitter Hickman just confirmed him to be Amadeus. Is he working with the New Avengers now?

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@n00beditor3: Really ? That is new because I haven't seen him in neither books .

#22 Posted by ShadowSwordmaster (19908 posts) - - Show Bio
#23 Posted by Maddpanda531 (1523 posts) - - Show Bio

So now Thor and Hawkeye both have a metal arm? Hickman sure does love him some metal arms.

#24 Edited by Teerack (10053 posts) - - Show Bio

Is that Maximus? I love Maximus.

Cap actually looks pretty bad ass as an old guy.

I wonder... if the future that we saw in Avengers is for real and the robots take over then is the future we saw in Avengers A.I. also true?.... Are we going to be saved by Hank Pym becoming Pym The Living Planet? O.o

#25 Posted by Novemberx2 (506 posts) - - Show Bio

@shadowswordmaster: no it was meant to be ongoing. the original series announcement said it was ongoing. http://www.comicbookresources.com/?page=article&id=48438

When marvel cancelled it they and creative team said it was always meant to be a mini-series as way of covering it up the fact it was cancelled. Despite their clear intention for it be a ongoing. Maybe if marvel had done more to support it , it may of continues for a longer period (most likely 13 issues, which is average number of issues a war machine on-going series tends to last). Same was done with Ultimate FF, announced as an ongoing, poor sales after first 3 issues, suddenly marvel say its a limited series. If it had always been intended to be limited series the original announcement would of said so like Winter Solider the Bitter March did.

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@novemberx2: Okay I give that but calling it a stealth cancelation is over the top even when they change it to a mini series.

I edit it because it sound weird to me.

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@arturocalakayvee: Probably the Ultimate Universe because marvel have pretty much killed with repeat beatings from writers like Jeph Loeb, Sam Humpheries and Joshua Hale Failkov. Also Marvel once said if the universe ever crossed it signed they had officially ran out of ideas and now bendis is obsessed with having the universes cross over. So there's literally no point keeping it, which is shame because it was so brilliantly ahead of it time in its first 5 years, Literally influenced so much of marvel media portfolio.

However, Age of Ultron was supposed to be summer event of 2012, until marvel at last minute abandoned it and had bendis re-write the ending. Avengers vs X-men was rushed together and Marvel Now re-launch of most of the portfolio still happened as planned. One can only assume that Age of Ultron was going to be like flash point and reboot the Marvel Universe until marvel cold feet (can you blame them after Heroes Reborn). Maybe Hickman is going new 52 the marvel universe Crisis on Infinite earths style.

#28 Posted by SpitfirePanda (1734 posts) - - Show Bio

So that-random-asgardian-who-used-to-be-thor is officially not Thor in this issue, from the looks of it. Why is he still an avenger since he's been depowered? I know his axe is really powerful and all, but shouldn't they ditch him and get the real Thor? He seems like the odd man in this team now.

#29 Posted by MadeinBangladesh (12343 posts) - - Show Bio

AVENGERS comics are total MESS right now. Hickman what are you frickin doing?

He's like the Damon Lindelof of comics.

#30 Posted by cameron83 (8191 posts) - - Show Bio

I guess I'm the only one liking this and not complaining......

#31 Posted by tensor (6866 posts) - - Show Bio

I think Thor new arm is made from the Destroyer arm.I am calling it early.

#32 Posted by MadFacedKid (6587 posts) - - Show Bio

Hawkeye floating in space still looking boss..

#33 Posted by Tony_Shark (1306 posts) - - Show Bio

Cannot wait!

I have been waiting so long for a new Iron Man book that isn't complete garbage. Gilleons run was awful. Hopefully they bring Tony back as the powerhouse he used to be with Extremis.

#34 Posted by Overlander (615 posts) - - Show Bio

AVENGERS comics are total MESS right now. Hickman what are you frickin doing?

He's like the Damon Lindelof of comics.

Hickman rarely leaves story threads dangling.

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@spitfirepanda: Yes and no. Thor still has superstrength and endurance and still has "God" powers however he wont be in control of any storms and flying. He should still be a threat, just not in the way he was used to. The ax he has can kill a celestial which is a big deal. Maybe he might have some new powers? I wish.

#36 Posted by RageEx2 (234 posts) - - Show Bio

@novemberx2: Thor and Cap were planned out by their respective authors before AXIS.....

#37 Posted by AndySynn (89 posts) - - Show Bio

@novemberx2: You realise that you're saying all this BEFORE we've seen what is actually going to happen with the comics, right? I mean, they might sell well and remain the new status quo. You just don't know yet!

#38 Posted by The Mast (793 posts) - - Show Bio

I love when people blame writers for their own intellectual shortcomings. "I don't get it, so it's lame."

#39 Posted by consafo80 (176 posts) - - Show Bio

Looking forward to this. I've been loving Hickmans run on Avengers / New Avengers.

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@teerack Well he freed Thanos, Proxima Midnight, Corvus Glaive, Black Swan and Terrax. Presumably, Namor has joined this group of villains.

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@New_World_Order said:

Thor's metal arm...so damn badass.

The cape and the axe also look awesome together to me.

Edit: @uncanny_xfactor I really like Captain Marvel's. The colors just really work for that costume and it looks BA to me.

#42 Posted by New_World_Order (13893 posts) - - Show Bio

@Darkday Agreed!

#43 Posted by New_World_Order (13893 posts) - - Show Bio

@Rainja Thor doesn't need Mjolnir to control or manipulate the weather.

#44 Posted by Tony_Shark (1306 posts) - - Show Bio

@spitfirepanda: He is still very strong. That axe is strong enough to kill a celestial with no problem. He will still be a badass, trust me.

#45 Posted by Kerrigan (264 posts) - - Show Bio

Any news on who's following Hickman on Avengers, and what he's doing next? He's had some seriously impressive moments but his pacing (dawdle-dawdle-BIG THING-dawdle-dawdle) and characterization can be weak.

Also one of the more sausage-festy writers currently at Marvel.

#46 Posted by Rainja (646 posts) - - Show Bio

@New_World_Order: How so? Whats the purpose of Hammer then? I have never seen him Do anything of the such without the hammer.

#47 Edited by Blackice709 (1432 posts) - - Show Bio

can't wait

#48 Posted by Yung ANcient One (5193 posts) - - Show Bio

I wonder why Hulk is on the cover. Thor is on the cover because he becomes Unworthy. Rogers is there because he turns old. WIlson is there because he becomes the new Cap. Havok is there because he's the leader and becomes disfigured. Why... why... why is Hulk there? (+)

#49 Edited by Teerack (10053 posts) - - Show Bio

@oscars94: I know that. I'm more responding to the quote in the main post here. Hickman is saying the future we saw was really what happens in the future and not an alternate one. In Avengers A.I. we got to see that the Avengers were made up of robots like Alexis, Doombot, and Victor Mancha because all organic life was killed by machines. That would sync up really nicely with the future we saw in Avengers. It makes me super worried about the future of Hank Pym since they say he needs to become the living planet in the future and we haven't seen him in anything in a while. Turning Hank into a new planet could maybe save our universe from the incursions. Since once you blow up an earth that universe can't be involved in an incursion, so if Hank replaced the earth and became the new earth some how maybe that would mean fixing the incursion problem for our universe at least since the builders asked the Illuminati why they didn't destroy their own earth yet. In the beginning of the Avengers series Ex Nihilo was also trying to grow a brain on earth and make it alive.

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@arturocalakayvee: the Age of Apocalypse was destroyed during the X-Termination crossover last year