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I had no idea Chuck Dixon is writing ARCHIE. In the latest issue, we see a mix of the familiar elements seen in Archie comics along with some modern touches that are bringing the stories into the 21st Century. Archie Comics has given us a first look at the latest issue that is going to have Archie scrambling to avoid getting the wraith of Veronica.


The good news is Veronica’s favorite music group Tickled Blue is coming to Riverdale and playing a show for her birthday! The bad news is, Tickled Blue is coming to Riverdale and Archie gave Veronica a jacket with fake signatures from the band! Now it’s a race against the clock for Archie to get a replacement jacket with authentic autographs before she wears it to the show and the jacket is exposed as a fraud! Can Archie track down the musicians before the candles are blown out? See for yourself in “Full Muddle Jacket!”

That story, plus Mr. Lodge offends a famous artist in “A Hanging Offense” and Moose has trouble defending his teammates from getting tackled when he’s too busy defending Midge against Reggie in “Date n’ Tackle!”

Script: Chuck Dixon, Craig Boldman, J. Torres

Art: Fernando Ruiz, Jeff Shultz, Bill Galvan, Rich Koslowski

Cover: Fernando Ruiz, Bob Smith

On Sale at Comic Specialty Shops: 1/2

32-page, full color comic

$2.99 US.

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Dixon is writing Archie?  Is there going to be a  knife fight on top of a train?

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Why does ComicVine cover Archie news, does anyone really care? Anyway, I don't know much about Chuck Dixon, but I know he created Bane and was a big Batman writer in the 90s, this kind of sounds like a step down to me career wise.

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Wow, Chuck Dixon writing Archie is...that's just unexpected. Seriously! And Jughead, why no burger? Why only a snowcone?

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Funny - never expected Dixon to go to Archie. But from the looks of it, it appears to be much the same from Archie for at least the last 40 years. They may update his look and put in new technology where appropriate, but the storylines remain very constant.

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@dannymalt: Not everything is for everyone. Archie comics have been around a while. People are still buying them. These posts do get views so people are checking them out.

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@dannymalt: I read them, I like that CV publishes news about them.

Also that snowball that the three are about to drop on Reggie would weigh several hundred pounds by the look of it. Those are some strong kids. I guess all that cheerleading is paying off.

From the angle they are going to hit too, this could quite likely break Reggie's neck. I guess this is written by Dixon.