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Summer is here and for those of us not able to immediately visit the beach, we can try to settle for knowing that Archie and the gang are there having a great time. Next week Archie Comics is releasing another Double double edition of WORLD OF ARCHIE. That means well over 300 pages of comic hijinks.

Check out our exclusive preview courtesy of Archie (the publisher, not the character).



While Veronica soaks up the summer fun, Betty can’t seem to find anything to be cheerful about. Determined to improve Betty’s mood, Veronica schemes to make Betty the most popular girl at the beach! Will her plan succeed or is Betty doomed to suffer from the “Summer Blues”? Grab your sunscreen, head to the beach and don’t forget to pack this summer-themed DOUBLE DOUBLE digest with twice the laughs! Features a bright & sunny 5th ink cover!

Script: George Gladir

Art: Dan DeCarlo, Allison Flood, Bill Yoshida

5th ink Cover: Fernando Ruiz, Rich Koslowski, and Glenn Whitmore

On Sale at Comic Specialty Shops: 6/19

320-page, full color comic

$5.99 US.


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I had to...for the Double Double cover. Seriously I did. ^_^

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Can't wait for the movie.

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The two girls on that cover are gorgeous!

I think I am now interested in that archie movie now (because I want to see the 2 starlets).

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Loving the Archie books - summer time for me usually means stopping at a local flea market on the way to the beach and rummaging through crates of old Archie comics set up by a few vendors.

Just the old art style brings back nice memories - as does the nonsensical love triangle. Still love it though -even the Fashion Pages, lol. Pretty cool bikini on Josie, I would definitely wear that.

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