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Last month we gave you an exclusive first look at HYPERNATURALS #9 and now we have an exclusive look at #10. Issue 9, which goes on sale March 6, is a new story arc and jumping on point for new readers.

Check out the cover and solicit for issue #10, which goes on sale in April.



With nowhere left to turn for help, the Hypernaturals must find a way to work with their most dangerous enemy, as the biggest threat thathas ever faced the Quantinuum finally arrives!

Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, the superstar writing duo behindANNIHILATION and THE LEGION continue their cosmic epic, withfan-favorite artists Tom Derenick (JLA, NEW X-MEN) and Andres Guinaldo(NIGHTWING), only from BOOM! Studios!

Author(s): Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning

Artist(s): Tom Derenick, Andres Guinaldo

Cover Artist: Tom Derenick

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Hypernaturals is a great book

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I so wanna try this out