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The fighting continues in the pages of Paul Jenkins' DEATHMATCH. It's been a series where anything goes.

While issue #7 is on sale June 26, here's hint at what you can expect in September's issue #10. Boom! Studios has given us an exclusive look at the cover and solicit information.



Only four combatants remain in the deathmatch arena, the rest of their friends (and enemies) slain by their own hands. Will the heroes be able to band together and discover the prison’s secrets before one of them stands “victorious”?

Author(s): Paul Jenkins

Artist(s): Carlos Magno

Cover Artist(s): Reilly Brown

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Does anybody know what's Jenkins next book at BOOM! is?

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Oh that's looking great! Can't wait :)

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Well, this is great. Looks like they're telling us who's left. Looks like Bobby Boatwright, Melody Toon, Sable, and the female child Meridian. That takes the fun out of it.

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Let me take that back:

It seems as if the Deathmatch covers are one ahead of each other.

Issue 8: Meridian vs Anti-Meridian and Sable vs Omni-Engine

Issue 9 (I think): Dragonfly vs Cube and Manchurian vs Melody Toon

Issue 10 (I think): Manchurian vs Sable

Issue 11 (I think): Dragonfly vs Anti-Meridian

Issue 12 (I think): Dragonfly vs Manchurian

It's funny, though, as we have seen all the covers, except for Issue 12. I'm assuming that there is an Issue 12 as they call Issue 11 the penultimate issue. Plus, I'm sure they're going to make this a three volume, four issue series. The cover for Issue 11 is reminiscent of the multiple television screens that Ozymandias from The Watchmen was viewing, only this time, it appears as if it is Dragonfly who is watching everything (seemingly crushed by the knowledge).