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Eternals #5

Who's reading this?

Another preview from Marvel

I'm not sure what to make out of the Eternals.  I was never really into the god stories (Asgardians, Eternals, etc).  I liked the Neil Gaiman mini.  I read the first issue and it wasn't bad.  I think I may have bought the next couple issues but I know I haven't read them.  I'm curious what others think.  Should I be reading this?  I don't see much talk about them on the boards.  Guess we'll see how many views this post gets.

A spy revealed! A traitor’s machinations unleashed! A force so powerful that even the gods fear its return! As the Eternals continue their attempts to muster what defenses they can against the Horde, their problems are compounded to the tune of a god’s wrath! Gilgamesh the Forgotten One has awakened, and none shall be spared as he carves a bloody path through the ranks of the Eternals! What hope have mortals when even Eternals must fear annihilation?

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love the art

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Looks like a dream..in the sense that it's not stiff lines and what not..almost blurred a little 

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Ah This Looks Tight... I might check it out
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I have yet to get this....