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The "Crown Heights" storyline comes to a close but things are just beginning for Sara.  In trying to solve the murder and meeting the voodoo Loa,  Marinette Bwa Chech, Sara has more questions than answers.  We also see more on Gretchen Fullmer's character and her crusade to discover what is going on with Detective Pezzini.

As the finale to the three part story, I felt it didn't quite conclude the storyline.  The murder investigation pretty much got the backseat, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.  The battle between Marinette Bwa Chech and Witchblade was something to see.  Stjepan Sejic astounds us (as usual) with his combination of visuals and colors.  I really liked the look of the red flames surrounding Marinette.  The colors almost jump off the page.  The story was just so nice to look at.

I think it's safe to say that we could most likely expect to see Marinette again in the future.  

Dani also starts planting the seeds for her next storyline.  He decision to accept a position as a dance teacher doesn't mean she's done with the action. 

Overall it was a good issue.  I wasn't crazy about the storyline or the voodoo creature but with Sejic's art, it made up for it.  I do like that Ron Marz didn't just give Sara an easy battle.  After the last page, I can't imagine Sara is going to be too happy next issue.  We'll have to wait and see.  4 stars out of 5.

Here is a preview for this issue:
Witchblade #123
(W) Ron Marz        (A) Stjepan Sejic       (Cov) Stjepan Sejic

NYPD Detective Sara Pezzini wields half of the powerful ancient artifact known as the Witchblade. But now she faces a foe that predates even the mystical gauntlet, confronting a deadly horror that has descended upon Brooklyn’s Ultra Orthodox Jewish community. Could the biblical Angel of Death truly have been unleashed?

Meanwhile, the bearer of the other half of the Witchblade, Dani Baptiste, goes to the aid of one of her dance students, but is she being reckless with her power?

Full Color      32 pages        $2.99       ongoing series

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This issue was more Sara focused??


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But Dani up to something towards the end.

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does it have to do with Finch?

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HEY, that last scan, that's the fortune teller that Dani Met in New Orleans, painted in the background

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I thought there was something...weird about that panel.  Just the way it was laid out like the picture was supposed to mean something.  Good eye.