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DC Entertainment has just announced a new interactive graphic novel for BATMAN: ARKHAM ORIGINS will be available on a new iOS app. Along with Origins, the blockbuster digital comic, INJUSTICE: GODS AMONG US will also be remastered for the Madefire Platform with new motion and sound elements. The writer for Origins will be Adam Beechen with Christian Duce as the main artist.

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DC Entertainment, the most prolific digital comic book publisher, and cutting edge digital studio Madefire unveil a new partnership today that will take digital comics to the next level of interactivity through a new app, BATMAN: ARKHAM ORIGINS – A DC2 MULTIVERSE GRAPHIC NOVEL. The new iOS app is the first DC2 MultiVerse title featuring a multi-path reading experience. The graphic novel tells the prequel story to the recently released game from Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, BATMAN: ARKHAM ORIGINS.

BATMAN: ARKHAM ORIGINS – A DC2 MULTIVERSE GRAPHIC NOVEL immerses readers into the world of Batman through dynamic artwork and action sounds integrated with a full soundtrack. The graphic novel is divided into eight chapters available for individual purchase or as an entire series. A new chapter will arrive every two weeks and each will offer dozens of possible story outcomes, with multiple story branches. Some choices will successfully lead to Batman’s next mission and carry through to the following week’s episode. Other choices could have deadly consequences. Readers who complete the series will be rewarded with two skins for the BATMAN: ARKHAM ORIGINS game: Injustice Batman and the exclusive New 52 Metallic Batman. Or, customers can purchase a series pass in advance and be rewarded with both skins upfront.

DC2 MultiVerse is the latest in a series of innovations that demonstrates how we work with digital partners like Madefire to organically enhance comics and the digital storytelling art form,” stated Jim Lee, Co-Publisher, DC Entertainment. “With the launch of the BATMAN: ARKHAM ORIGINS – A DC2 MULTIVERSE GRAPHIC NOVEL app, fans can choose the destiny of their characters – and follow both Batman or his rogues gallery of Super-Villains, all within an immersive reading experience tied to the actual game through prequel storylines and an exclusive skin.”

“We have supercomputers in our pockets – we should expect more than just scanned in print,” stated Ben Wolstenholme, Madefire CEO. “It is immense to have DC Entertainment bring Batman and Superman onto the Madefire platform.”

As part of its new partnership with Madefire, DC Entertainment’s blockbuster Digital First title INJUSTICE: GODS AMONG US has been re-mastered and features new, innovative storytelling elements including dynamic artwork and sound effects. The newly re-imagined INJUSTICE comic provides the perfect opportunity for fans to revisit the record breaking series prior to its return in January 2014 with all new chapters written by red hot, up-and-coming scribe, Tom Taylor. INJUSTICE is available for download on the Madefire app as well as on deviantART.com, the largest creative community in the world.

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Pretty cool

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so its chose your own adventure?

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Sounds fun. Excited about this.

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DC Entertainment Announces: Riding that Arkham Gravy Train.

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Let's see.....

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It's only on the iPad :( was thinking of getting one for Christmas, I've got more incentive now, will just have to wait and see.

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I wonder if there'll be a way to release this in print. It would probably be a little simpler, but could still have the choose-your-own-adventure style to it.

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DC Entertainment Announces: Riding that Arkham Gravy Train.

Haha so much this.

It makes money,though....

But they are definitely milking it dry

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Im bored to read,when does this come out?!

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Hell yeah!!! I'm always on my iPad so I'm set!

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It's about freaking time! This was first announced at the same time as Batman 66, but I haven't heard a word about it since. I looked for info every week when I was maintaining batwatch.net and even pumped creators, and I couldn't get any info.

Glad to see madefire is getting some love. It's a good project.

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Looking at this makes me think DC aped Marvel's Infinite idea for digital comics. Is that correct? Did they jack the idea? I sure as hell hope so.