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Boom! Studios and Clive Barker have been bringing us the continuation of the HELLRAISER franchise for the last couple years now. There's been some big changes as Kirsty Cotton, the survivor from the first two films trades places with Pinhead. We're also in the midst of HELLRAISER: THE ROAD BELOW, showing us Kirsty's 'year one' of being the new Pinhead.

Boom! has announced the series will be relaunching in Febuary under the title HELLRAISER: THE DARK WATCH.

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The new series will be co-written by Clive Barker and Brandon Seifert with art by newcomer Tom Garcia.

NEW ONGOING SERIES! THE NEW ERA OF HELLRAISER BEGINS! As promised, Clive Barker did not only return to the Hellraiser universe, he re-imagined it! Nothing is as simple as it seems – the old ways have been destroyed and a dangerous new world lies in its wake. Where are Elliott Spencer and Kirsty Cotton? Who will rule and who will serve? Rising star Brandon Seifert joins forces with the legendary Clive Barker, with art by Tom Garcia, to begin this amazing new chapter in the history of one of horror’s greatest franchises.

HELLRAISER: THE DARK WATCH #1 ships in February with main covers by Tim Bradstreet and Nick Percival and incentive covers by Frazer Irving and Bradstreet. The first issue is 32-pages and retails for $3.99 and can be ordered under the Diamond Code DEC120913.

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Great stuff the last series was a solid addition to canon and I enjoyed it immensely. Roll on February

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I've never watched the Hellraiser movies but these comics always look so good, would watching the movies make the comics more enjoyable or are they good on their own?

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I'm still completely blown away at Kirsty Cotton being Pinhead now, but that's why I love these changes and see great things coming out of this. Gosh, if only I had more $$$ to indulge...

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My girlfriends really into this series, she dosent like reading them in comic format though so will likely be trades or on her new tablet i have for her christmas ^_^

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Cool, I love the Hellbound Heart so this might finally be my entry in to the comics

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If your a fan of the hellbound heart you should get the previous series since it follows from the third film.

If you haven't seen the films you should watch the first 3 since the series follows on and they are pretty darn good to boot. The comics are cool on their own but you will get much more from them knowing the back story.

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Hmmm. I'll have to see if I subscribed to this.

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As long as Barker is still co-writing I'm happy to wait till February for more Hellraiser. Really enjoyed the first series and the Road Below seems off to a good start

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@Grishnakh: You need to at least watch the first two films to follow the comic.

If you watch the films, stop after part 4. Trust me everything after 4 is a path you don't want to go down. It'll tear your soul apart.

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They already have a 2011-2012 ongoing series. So why another one? Or what will happen to that series?

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Love Clive Barker and anything hellraiser legit.