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AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #700 is one of the highest selling, most successful Spider-Man comics to date, which is why it should come as no surprise to anyone when it entered its third printing. To commemorate this fact, Marvel has opted to publish the third printing of the comic that changed Spider-Man as we know him with a brand new variant cover featuring Doctor Octopus on a web. Check it out below and let us know what you think.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #700 Third Printing Variant Cover

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It’s the story that rocked headlines around the world – Peter Parker is no more. Long live the Superior Spider-Man! Due to overwhelming demand, Marvel is proud to present your first look at the ALL-NEW, jaw dropping THIRD printing cover to Amazing Spider-Man #700 by superstar Giuseppe Camuncoli. That’s right, the 700 issue of the long running series is no longer available at the distributor level and if you missed Dan Slott & Humberto Ramos’ critically acclaimed story the first (and second) time around, head over to your local comic shop and reserve the Amazing Spider-Man #700 Third Printing Variant.
But don’t take our word for it – see what everyone has to say about Peter Parker’s final fight against Doctor Octopus!
Don’t miss out on the story that’s taken the world by storm—Amazing Spider-Man #700 Third Printing Variant on-sale later this month at your local comic shop!




FOC – 2/25/13, ON SALE – 3/27/13

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Nice cover I say, and not surprising really.

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@Jonny_Anonymous said:



Everyone's reaction

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That is a weak cover o.o

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I loved this story, I think the haters are dead wrong but I'm shocked to see this go to a 3rd printing with that $7.99 price tag.

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Paying tribute a classic cover. Badass.

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@Sampsman: It is indeed cool homage. On the other hand, it's a sad commentary on how the same tactics -- massive overhype, promising to shock readers, etc. -- are intrinsic to the industry.

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Have the original comic this is based off of haha

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Yea.. you ain't gettin' that $7.99 outta me Marvel. Sorry.

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Love the throwback cover

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did anyone notice the switch of ock and spidey in the covers?

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This should be bombing. Not making a lot of money. Sigh, they will never understand...

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Because comics stores don't have enough 700's left over lol.

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I'll be surprised if anyone buys this. By now, everyone has either:

A. Bought the issue and read it.

B. Knows what happens, and thus wouldn't buy the issue.

C. Doesn't care at all.

Maybe hardcore "I NEED EVERY PRINTING" collectors will get it...but that's a small market.

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Awesome cover.

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The first and second printing covers were the best. It's a neat homage, but is pretty bland compared to the other two.

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I don't think they would be doing a third printing if people wernt buying them....

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@Shamelesslysupportinaznballers said:

I loved this story, I think the haters are dead wrong but I'm shocked to see this go to a 3rd printing with that $7.99 price tag.

I completely agree.

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A 3rd printing?? Are you f*cking serious?? The last 3 issues of ASM is out on trade next week. You bunch of money whores, Marvel!

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I really don't think we really need a third printing, or a fourth or a fifth. It was a "Good" story, not a great.

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This is actually really stupid...

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LOL, lovin it.

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why do so many people buy the same God-awful story over and over?

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3rd times the charm

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@ThePRez said:

did anyone notice the switch of ock and spidey in the covers?

wow, nice catch, bro

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LOL at Aunt May becoming like 30 years younger on the newer cover.

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I hope they do something cool with this concept. i think they could do some interesting stuff if they only handled this right

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@ThePRez said:

did anyone notice the switch of ock and spidey in the covers?

... You've got to be kidding, right?

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@bladewolf: not really. You know how many people buy the same issue just to have a difference cover? A LOT! If it wasn't like that, then variants will be out of question.

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Y'know, I have never liked Spider-Man, but I gotta give Marvel props for a clever storyline.