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I used to search the battles forum all the time, and normally I got good results. Now the results all suck and just get sorted by date. A simple search like superman vs thor yields no usable results whatsoever. In fact none of the results in the first page are even an actual "superman vs thor" battle.

If I search for "superman vs thor", with quotes, I get results like "Cyborg vs Steel", where "superman" and "thor" are never even mentioned in the entire thread.

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I agree with this. It is much harder to search for previous battles now. This is partly because it lists every comment in a thread separately, rather than just listing the thread once.

In other words, if I search for Rhino, it lists every single comment someone made about Rhino. Whereas before, as I recall, it only showed the threads with Rhino, not each comment individually.

It might also be helpful (this is not so much a bug as a suggestion) if there was an option to only search the title of the threads, rather than the body text. I would use this tons of times when looking for previous battles.