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I'm using Comicvine through the "Advanced Launcher" plug-in for XBMC. This could be a bug, at least it bugs me :) :

When scraping Comicvine, "100 Bullets 074" doesn't get any results, whereas "100 Bullets 74" does. Obviously, large series have to be numbered with leading zeros to be able to sort them correctly. Is this a problem with the API or with the script?

Thanks for your time!

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@rechtlustig: The site doesn't use leading zero's, I don't think the API does either, that sounds like something the plugin is messing up. We can only search specific issues by using the # before the issue number.

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@rechtlustig: I'm looking at the plugin and it looks like a general scraper so I highly doubt it is using the CV API, the CV engineers can't be responsible for how third-party applications handle the site, you should contact the plugins developers.