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(All Image Galleries, but I'm highlighting this example.)

Browser: FireFox

OS: Windows XP


To date on Comic Vine, I've uploaded over 8,000 images. Due to the recent bug of the Image selection browser not going past 16 images. MANY of my pictures are completely unavailable to be for wiki editing or blog posts. I had thought to get around this bug by going through and adding many of my miscellaneous images I never thought to categorize before into some extra folder. Those you can scroll through past 16.

Now, trying to scroll down and wait for the previews to load eventually started to get my browser glitching up. The images flash and it will jump suddenly. As I need to scroll down further and further, it was getting worse. Eventually, my entire browser just froze from all the images it was trying to render then load further. It's making it impossible to even get to many of my older pictures.

Ultimately, I feel the infinite loading and scrolling is kind of flawed if you're a user, such as myself, who's downloaded thousands of images, It was much more workable to have so many images on a page to browse through. That way the browser wasn't trying to render previews of so many images at once. It would be so much easier if we still had pages for personal image galleries. That way I could go right to the end or middle, rather than waiting and waiting for other pictures to load.

I'm not sure how this might work on some character gallery that has thousands of images that have never been categorized with tags.

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@foxxfireart: First off, sorry for the image selection browser bug - I'm told that it should hopefully be fixed by early next week.

As far as the image infinite scrolling, these kinds of 1,000+ galleries are going to cause instability in a browser eventually as they fill up your memory. Firefox has always been a bit of a weird case when it comes to RAM usage, as even normal browsing can cause the process to start taking up hundreds of megs of RAM. I opened up your gallery and scrolled down through the first few hundred images (got some interesting looks from co-workers, heh!) and my Firefox quickly spiked to over 2 gigs worth of data usage. Doing the same thing in Chrome has the process for that tab taking up less than 10% of that amount of RAM. So in the short term, using Chrome for editing tasks with these kinds of huge galleries might be recommended, especially if you're on a relatively low-RAM machine. (Chrome also has the advantage that if the gallery browsing causes a crash, it'll only crash the tab that's open, not the whole program.) Hate saying that, but I'm not sure that that's something within our ability to fix. I have a feeling you'd see similar behavior if you were using an infinite-scroll gallery on Tumblr, for example, and I'd test that if I didn't think that I'd mostly return porn results if I started poking around for examples.

As far as making scrolling infinite versus paginating galleries like this, that's probably something that we can enable if it's strongly desired by the community. If we could do that for user image galleries and leave the wiki galleries as is, maybe that would be a good option. We'll look into it. If any other users have strong opinions on this, feel free to post them here.

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Thank you for the reply. It almost seems suspicious that the point at which my browser starts to freeze is just about the same time as the site reboot. Though, perhaps that is only a coincidence.

Having to download an entirely new browser sounds more complicated than it's worth. It feels it would be easier to just reupload those images. I've maintained the same images over on Anime Vice, so finding them wouldn't be too much of a task. The adding through URL makes this even faster. I may just wait to see how the Image search tools are updated when the 16 image limit is hopefully fixed for All Images. Perhaps that will be more stable and can scroll further in. The only thing I really don't like is that you can't preview an image without selecting it. Selecting an image isn't very clearly indicated -- it only just gets marginally smaller --, and it makes it easy to accidentally add a picture to an unintended gallery. (This wouldn't be a problem, but now only moderators can remove images.) It would actually help if there as a more dramatic color change upon selecting images, but that's beside the point.

The infinite scrolling just feels like a flawed system. The main reasoning is that it assumes the images you want to access are recent. If you were to want to view some of the first pictures you've uploaded. You'd have to load every single image you've ever added to the site. A daunting task for users who have added thousands of pictures. Having paginated galleries make for far faster and more user friendly navigation. I just wonder how many users could possibly come across this issue or be aware of it if they aren't so much dedicated in editing the wiki and add images as part of that.