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I try to add Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & TMNT Micro Series and it says error, anyone having a problem updating their Pull List?

This is what my Pull List looks like atm


3. BatmanI have Vol 1, Missing Vol 2, and started Vol 3 with #13.
4. Batman and Robin
5. Justice League1-17 Missing #10
6. Justice League of America
7. Injustice: Gods Among UsThis series is awesome.
8. Detective ComicsI liked the Dollmaker and Scarcrow arc. Tony S Daniel draws Scarcrow the best! John Layman is doing a good job so far.
9. Superman#14-17 I'm excited for Scott Lobdell run on Superman and I love Kenneth Rocafort art its awesome.
10. Savage WolverineIt's a really funny series, with great art.
11. The Phantom StrangerIts been interesting.
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This was the most recent thread concerning this topic and I didn't want to create a new thread (Hell I'm not sure I even could at this point!)

Any way I am STILL unable to edit any of my lists (haven't been able to since the changeover) and really don't want to download another browser just to be able to edit on CV. I run IE10 on Win7.

Also the tallies in the "Wiki Pages Edited" box on my homepage have never increased although I am certain that I have edited some of those associations since the changeover.

I stayed away from CV for a few weeks because of the frustration levels but I am seriously considering giving up.

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@ccraft: @flazam: @kuonphobos: Apologies for the frustration here. We're aware of the issues that lists have had since the site redesign - it's something we're looking into. Very long lists are especially problematic since the design, and we're looking at some ways to mitigate that. One of our engineers is going to be taking a closer look at it over the next couple of weeks, so it's not going to get fixed overnight, but hopefully you'll see some improvement soon. Sorry again for the inconvenience!

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@rorie: I'm just glad that you guys know about this. Thanks.