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Not really a bug, more of a flaw, the automatic adding of first appearances to pages is based off the cover date when it should be the in-store date, cover dates are not always the same as in-store dates and they are often ahead or occasionally behind. Since the in-store date is a new field and usually empty a lot of pages will loose their first appearance but adding dates is easily fixed by anyone in the community so it wouldn't be a real big problem once switched.

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one of the big problems with this is that TPBs are oft listed as the first appearance in some cases.

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@x35: usually those are ones where originally only a year was added, if a day or month were missing from a date pre-relaunch the new site automatically added January 1st.

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Is this something we should put code in for? Or should we rely on the community (and also get better data sets?)

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@mrpibb: Ideally it would be nice if the first appearance wasn't auto added and the community could add it manually like on the old site, barring that though I think it should switch to using the in-store date instead of the cover date seeing as how cover dates can be months early or later. If a character doesn't have a first appearance associated because all of the associated issues don't have dates then a little message should show up like "Add me" or something.

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