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I remember seeing a scan where Yusuke either fought or became a hideous abomination, and I couldn't help but remember Tetsuo. Not to sure about Yusuke, but Tetsuo is from Akira. Try and use manga feats if you can.

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Tetsuo definitely wins but at a huge cost to himself, which basically means he won't be able to control his powers and will transform into that huge flesh monster thingy.

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Tetsuo wins with those insane Dimension tearing Psy Powers of his. Tanking blasts from S.O.L. was also impressive.

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Tetsuo tears him apart.

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I like YYH, but Testuo should win.... Not. He can one shot Yuske, but gets speed blitz and punched into space. Yuske is too fast.

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@shiryu: I remeber the one big think Yuske has Tetsuo does not.

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@sirfizzwhizz: Tetsuo has reacted to lasers if I recall correctly. Oh, well.

I see where you stand.

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Tetsuo did make a crater on the moon big enough to be seen from Earth IIRC, and he brought down the SOL without too much trouble. I do wonder if he could tank a barrage of demon guns though.

I guess we need to figure out which has shown more power, the S.O.L or Yusuke's Spirit/Demon guns. I cannot remember what the S.O.L did to the surrounding area in terms of power, so if somebody could refresh my memory in that'd be great lol