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Teams are ; YOUNG JUSTICE- superboy(all supermans powers),miss Martian(all her powers in the show), aqualad(tv version), kid flash(tv version), and captain marvel(all powers). VS TEAM KAKASHI- naruto(sage mode powers), sasuke(sharingan powers), Sakura(all her tv powers), kakashi(tv version-sharingan) and a clone of the nine tails(tv version).

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Team Young Justice.

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@Veravin:Which sharingan if its the recent one team kakashi destroys

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Miss Martianmight be the decisive factor here.

I see naruto and Sakura outclassing Superboy in terms of strength and raw abilities but I really don't see why Miss Martian can't just mindrape( man i really don't like that word!) everyone here, seeing as it's clearly within her morality to do so.

At the same time Flash could easily match Naruto's speed, which would make him hard to target against Tean Kakashi's ace in the hole, Kamui.

I really see nearly everyone dying but Miss Martian. With the trouble Tobi's Phasing caused the Naruto world and without having a chink in that armour of just being transported to a different dimension, I can see Miss Martian being untouchable and ruining everyone's mind, especially if she see's everyone dying around her.

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captain marvel, superboy, kid flash or mis m solos

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Team Kakashi, in tv, supes isnt that strong

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team Kakashi wins, they will need to handle Miss Martian first she's the real threat, if Kakashi can with Genjutsu detain her enough time for Sasuke or Naruto to stike her she's done. other than that Sasuke's Amateratsu stomps.

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Team Kakashi. They are more versatile, have the major speed advantage and all around outclass Young Justice in regards to sheer power. Superboy is pretty strong and durable but Naruto as well as Sasuke alone should be able to take him down. Captain Marvel would help but he would get taken down eventually during the overall course of the fight, courses of action depend on the scenario as well in which the best of one`s ability is put to the test. Aqualad is very intelligent as well as tactical, as is Robin, but Kakashi has the speed advantage so his summons should keep them occupied enough so that he may land a devastating blow while their guards are down. Kid Flash is pretty much a non factor, the only individual that Team Kakashi needs to worry about is Miss Martian who could actually be the deciding or critical factor for her respective team due to her telepathic and telekinetic abilities. However the speed and reaction time difference is so great that she wouldn`t really get the chance to successfully take down Naruto, Kakashi and Sasuke but it really depends on the scenario, circumstance, efforts and risks that revolves around the overall ability of team work in regards to both teams. Although Team Kakashi has the advantages, it doesn`t necessarily mean that Young Justice would be down and out as soon as the fight starts, key factors aside from Miss Martian could be the outcomes or differentiation of outcomes in which certain individuals are placed in positions where they hold all of the advantages. If Young Justice manages to work together efficiently and diligently in which all individuals are turning their negatives into positives they could be more than a match for Team Kakashi although they might lack in the combat, experience and speed department. However as a team they have done great things and have taken down many powerful foes but overall as previously stated, Team Kakashi takes this.

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Team Kakashi.

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Young justice could take this at max. Difficulty, they are always in sync.... Through miss Martian's telepathy. Kid flash at maximum speed could easily dismantle all their weapons, as miss martain uses her TELEKINETIC ABILITY to life the four of them up, while aqualad uses electricity on on four of them... Before sasuke gets the chance to summon Amaterasu. Superboy with all superman powers could easily speedblitz to all of them or use heat vision to burn Sakura. Captain marvel could handle the nine tails clone..... But only at maximum difficulty. But the regular outcome would be team kakashi.

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Team Young Justice.

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Please someone tell me how the ninja get past Superboy...... I just can.... UGH my god!!!

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@Bossmonster: Kakashi would chop him to pieces with Kamui.

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This is way too easy for Young Justice. Genjutsu wont work since charka only exists in naruto universe and Mis Martian telepathy is better anyway. Kid Flashes speed is too much. Superboys strength and speed is too much. Mis Ms martian powers are too much. Captain Marvel well, SHAZAM!

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@Miki1111: huh? Why would that even hurt him?

No, no no. This doesn't really add up at all.

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You don't need to have chakra to get affected by genjutsu. But I see team YJ winning they have to many heavy heaters and I don't think anyone in team Kakashi can ko or kill SB or CM.

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@Bossmonster: Kamui can suck up your body parts into another dimension.

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@Miki1111: I understand what it does. What I'm asking is how is that going to hurt Superboy?

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@Bossmonster: When you rip of his limbs he can>t grow them back he is not like Wolvie and Hulk.