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Funsiized at Oesel Empire


Oesel Empire

DCComicsRule2011, your team is setup in the Red Defense Zone of the Vinewood.

You can position any of your troops anywhere within the Red Defense Zone.

You also have access to your Country's Strategic Reserve of Webshooters. You get 2 Web cartridges.

You must protect your Leader, KillerZ from being killed or taken. He is within a special room that cannot be teleported into and is hardened.

You are ready for an attack but know nothing else.


You start at the Blue Insertion Zone of the Ocean Docks.

You have 1 Hour of Prep (Unless you have the Big Blue Box) to use within the Blue Insertion Zone.

You must kill or capture the enemy Leader, KillerZ. To access the room, you need to get the access card from the enemy Commander.

You know where your target is but you know nothing of the defenses.


You cannot Tele-BFR or Tele-Dismember or Tele-Drop.

You only have 4 posts to make your case. Any posts seeking clarification on an issue will not count so long as no debate is being had.

Prep may not interfere with your opponent only scout from the Insertion Zone.

Civilians are not present.

This is war, no other rules apply.

List Teams:


Commander - Pre Vizsla (Armor, Blaster, Lightsabre, Mobile Cerebro [2C])

Lieutenant - Ulic Qel-Droma (Lightsabre)

  • 12 Daric Larones (Adamantium Ammunition for 12 [5])

Lieutenant - Jax Pavan (Lightsabre)

  • 12 Rakis (12 Blades [1], 12 Dragonskin Armors [1], 12 Captain America Shields [3])

Lieutenant - Kurumo (Standard gear)

  • 12 Batwomen (12 Batsuits with Empty Utility Belt, 12 Grappling Guns, 12 Captain America Shields [3], 12 Infrared Goggles [1])

Lieutenant - Cad Bane (Suit, Blasters)

  • 12 Nobodys (12 Grenade Launchers with 5 Frags [2], 12 Dragonskin Armors [1], 12 .50 Cal Rifles with Anti-Armor Ammunition [2])

Joker's Kitchen Sink [3C]



Commander - Carolina (Twin Plasma rifles, Her Armour, Sticky Grenades, Flashbangs. Frag Grenades, Magnum)

Lieutenant - Weiss Schnee (Myrtenmaster)

  • 12 Red hood (N52) (Adamantium Ammunition for 12 People [5], 12 Captain America Shields[3], 12 Silencers [1], 12 Dragonskin Armors [1])

Lieutenant - Motoko (Coins, Silenced Pistols, Sword, Throwing Knives)

  • 12 Batgirls (N52) (12 Sets of Vibranium Gauntlets and Greaves[3], 12 Grappling Guns [1])

Lieutenant - Kurenai

  • 12 Arsenals (N52)

Lieutenant - Tex (Assault Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Magnum, Frag Grenades, Suit, Omega(the A.I), Portable Cerebro [2C])

  • 12 Green Arrows (N52) (12 Bows and Trick Arrows[6])

Joker's Kitchen Sink [3C]

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@diredrill: One question, for the blades can I select any kind of blade including spears, swords, etc? Or just knives?

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Bought Blades can be any size or shape you so desire so long as your character can carry it or use it reasonably.

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@diredrill: Very well then, I will select Steel Claymore's such as this one:


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@dccomicsrule2011: The Claymore is a fine blade but I hope your guys are used to carrying a sword that big.

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The way that most threads have gone, the attacker goes first so that prep can be outlined.

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@diredrill: yeah, i was just asking his Personal Opinion. I Went first in our other Thread. Ill give it till tmr and if he hasn't said anything, ill post.

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@dccomicsrule2011: mmk.


Really it's just a few GA's Scouting with Mapping Arrows. That way we actually know what we are attacking, Due to GA's shown range, we are capable of Shooting one or two off into the Red Defense zone without Getting too close, giving us A) a Lay of the Land and B) the mapping arrows Track via Heat, so we know how many of you there are and their location.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2
May be out of order.

We also move into position.(Duh)

Actual battle.

3325606-wwv atttack map 1.png

As you can see, things are gonna get a bit Hectic.

the reason for the Black dot that is separate from the line is that is when Tex breaks off from her Group in order to set up in a sniper Position. With the Information from the Mapping Arrows added with Her Invis built into her suit, she is my special Eye in the sky...that can kill people.

Her Squad moves slightly More forward(Still in cover Obv.) and begins laying siege with Arrows. Starting with a Few green Flame Arrows.

3325618-green flame arrow.png

After a Short Delay, Kurenai will issue his Orders for the Arsenal Squad to Begin Laying down Fire as well(they have AKs correct?) , Whilst slowly advancing from the Left in a Rotation Like Movement. Kurenai himself will then Leave the Squad in the Capable hands of Carolina and Join Motokos ranks as they Move up with the Cover from the Arsenals Fire.

As you can see, Wiess Squad is going on a bit of a Detour this is due to them Being the Quickest and heaviest Squad on my team. Among all of the Noise and danger of the fire from the GA And Tex Sniping people like Flies, then you have the Immediate Siege Danger of Motoko and Kurenai with the BatGirls, your team will Never see the Complete and utter Blindside from Weiss Squad(WS for short). Weiss Magic combined with heavily armored RH is a scary sight to behold and...Did i seriously forget to Give my RH's Guns? Jesus. Anywho, I can see your Team having a Few options, all of them accounted for. Hopefully.

Scenario one(The Crushing)

3325661-wwv atttack map 2.png

Assuming you distribute your forces evenly across your given Area. Also assuming you reacted with an equal effort to all offences, Your team will be Spread much to thin and be forced into a U Shaped defense, Most likely Centered around the Target i presume. This opens you to not only the pure ranged offensive of My Team from the front, but The Lateral Flanking from Wiess on the Left and Kurenai and Motoko on the Right all of this. Leading to, well, you getting crushed betwixt my forces, Pressure leads to victory for me. Your Soldiers Break, Cracks appear in your Defense, and you fall like Goliath. Or die like a Creepy old lady in Salem during 1962(Fire..or hanging, which ever)

Scenario Two(Shattered Defense)

3325678-wwv atttack map 3.png

This is basing upon your soldiers Mounting a Split offence, you attempt to stop each Squad with Another Squad. My Squads however have a Tex with a Sniper rifle, and Vantage Point. She can whittle down Each Defense team with A few shots, Allowing Mine to break through, Any Remainder are at that point Dealt with in a similar Fashion to the Last Scenario.

Of course, this is entirely Based on Next to Zero Knowledge of your Characters. Meh(Shrug).

I know you hate Grammar Mistakes and Spelling Errors, so i attempted to make this as Readable as possible. Sorry if there are mistakes, It's raining so i am pretty sleepy. Good Luck.