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Posted by rugrat (181 posts) 3 years, 1 month ago

Poll: who could deceive more people in 1 day? (22 votes)

mystique 9%
loki 82%
Tie 5%
IDK 5%

(the deception must make the people fooled do an action like the deceiver wants them to like give them money or start a riot for their plans)

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I recon he'd be pretty good in this topic.

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Loki can also use mind control as with his illusions

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There's nothing Mystique could do to mislead that Loki couldn't.

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Beyonce wins.

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Assuming we're using the movie versions than Mystique. She took the identity of a Senator (I think) and fooled thousands on tv. I don't think movie Loki showed to be capable of anything near that.

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Movie version goes to Mystique as that version of Loki was fooled himself too often so Whedon could show how badass not just the Avengers where but minor characters like Wilson.

Loki should win the comic book version but Mystique would have one if we factored in PIS. Mystique has got the X-Men to help or assist her so many times despite consistently betraying them, if I where anyone of them I would say "sure I'll help you Mystique" and then shoot the compulsive betrayer dead the first chance I get.

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i was hoping for G Gordon Godfree .

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