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For those that don't know walker.
Powers/Abilities: As the sole god of death of his galaxy, Walker draws power off of billions of worshippers. As such he has incredible power on a cosmic scale far beyond that of human comprehension. It can be presumed he has unlimited strength, and has been seen to fire devastating power blasts, the ability to manipulate massive amounts of energy for his purposes and the ability to cross dimensions at will. Walker probably has the cosmic power necessary to perform pretty much any feat he wants. He carries a staff, which is actually an extension of himself, and uses it to focus his power. He was also witnessed riding through space on a giant ship made out of bones.


He's not gay.


Powers/Abilities: The Runner is one of the Elders of the Universe. He has devoted his 5 billion years of life to exploring the cosmos, staging tests of speed with the fastest beings on whatever planets he chooses to visit, and generally just having fun. Runner is capable of firing intense energy blasts at his opponents, and is a skilled hand-to-hand combatant. Runner has a very unusual ability: anyone in his vicinity can't help but like him (even if he's trying to kill them!) He may not be able to control his empathic projection of joy and love, and it's doubtful he would even try. His speed can take almost any enemy by surprise, and his power to radiate joy often overwhelms his intended victims, making them unwilling to fight him, even in self-defense. The Runner is usually a peaceful individual, with a childish, irresponsible demeanor and a friendly, joyful personality. As an Elder of the Universe, Runner was immortal as long as he was occupied by his obsession; however, due to the Grandmaster tricking Death into barring all Elders from her realm, he now cannot die by any means. Despite his great age, Runner appears to be very young, physically at the prime of his life.

Speed: Warp Speed, transcending light speed 
Physically indestructible 

ho takes this??

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No takers?

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Walker, Curbestomp.

The Runner is too stupid.  Walker is not.  Also, Walker is one of the only beings to stand up to Thanos and Thanos punked The runner.