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Ok I'm sorry for spamming multiple fights in one thread. I've decided to re-write my post to a more specific What if Match up.

Vulcan vs. MS. Marvel, Nova, & Captain Marvel(Mar-vell) at the same time....

Who would win & why? All 3 of these people use energy manipulation.

The Fight starts out with Nova & Mar-vell arguing over who's going take Ms. Marvel out on a date. Nova & Mar-vell fly into the air & have a breff tussle before Vulcan shows up knocking both fighters to the ground. Ms. Marvel, Nova, & Mar-Vell all look up at Vulcan & decide to take up arms against him. How would this fight turn out?

I know this is a little silly but I'm bored sorry if I'm wasting anyones time with thread this thread.

I personally would give this fight to Vulcan seeing as he can use the energies existing within these fighters bodies against them (& possibly cause each of them to explode). But I guess teamwork could come into play. What are your thoughts.
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Vulcan would easily destroy the lot of them.

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Vulcan's ability to Suppression in powers is what would help him win

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Shouldn't this be in battles? 

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Vulcan wins here easy.