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Team 1

Plasmius Vlad Plasmius


and Phantom Danny Phantom


Team 2

Robin and Slade


Team 3

Chase Young



Dark Omi


first round:each character at the end of their series, danny has no ice power or ghostly wail, chase has no energy blast or reality warping (when omi was his cat he was able to use energy blast and some sort of reality warping, not like wuyas but good enough to turn the earth into chaos) or elemental transmutation, omi is evil robin is slade's aprentice, no prep

second round: they're full power, one week of prep, they know each other's powers, robin is still slade's aprentice.

they're in character, victory by death or k.o., chase and omi have no shen gong wu since chase don't like to use them in battle

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Round 1: Danny and Vlad

Round 2: Danny and Vlad