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NomadPsycho both have crysis 1 Nanosuit

AlcatrazProphet both have crysis 2 Nanosuit 2

Alex Mercer Prototype 1 powers

James HellerPrototype 2 powers including DLC powers such as Medusa's Wrath

All 3 versions Good, Bad and Vampire Cole MacGrath each with their respective powers from Infamous 2


The 3 Arnold Terminators

T-1000 and T-X

Harvester from Terminator Salvation

The 3 predators from Alien vs Predator

The Wolf Predator from AVP Requiem

The 3 Super Predators from the Predators movie 2010

XenomorphQueen frrom Alien vs Predator

Predalien from AVP Requiem

David Rice from Jumper

Nick Gant from Push

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Team Video games

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Video game team stomps.

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Mercer stomps by himself.

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@Fortified_Hooligan said:

Mercer stomps by himself.

I agree.