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In the grim dark future of the Warhammer 40K galaxy there is only war. The Hive Fleet Leviathan was only the tip of a very large iceberg, it turns out Leviathan was only a scouting party for the full force of the Tyranid swarm. The Tyranids infestation crashes through the galaxy like a wave, consuming everything in it's wake until there is nothing left but teeming hordes of bugs. But something else dwells in the darkness.

The Star God known as the Deceiver sees this huge influx of life in to the galaxy and sizes the opportunity, he uses all his considerable might and awakens the Necron Dynasties in there entirety and gives them a single purpose.

So in the battle between the unrelenting force of the Tyranids Vs the immoveable object of the Necrons who is the victor?

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@Jonny_Anonymous: I'll have to have my friend come over, so we can pit our 6th Ed Necron (me) and Tyranid (he) armies against each other...then I'll get back to you. Its basically a fight between the endless and the undying. lol

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@nerdork: ha the endless vs the undying, thats a good description

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@Jonny_Anonymous: What's even better, is you gave me an excuse to play 40K, and act like its for a purpose this time. lol

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@nerdork: Hay man your doing valuable strategic and scientific research :)

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@Jonny_Anonymous: I think so. But, tell that to my girlfriend. :P Its like that Will Smith song, but this one goes, "Girlfriends just dont understand".

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@Jonny_Anonymous: However, i know in 5th Edition rules, The Tyranids, as fearless and crazy as they are, would try to avoid a fight with the Necrons if at all possible. But, 6th Ed buffed the Nids something awful.

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The irresistible force (Tyranids) meets the immovable object (Necrons).

So this is the Necrons full force after dealing with the Old Ones?

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@nerdork: the world needs to know who would win in a fight between Xenomorph/Doomsday hybrids and evil robotic space Egyptians.

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@Chaos Prime said:

The irresistible force (Tyranids) meets the immovable object (Necrons).

So this is the Necrons full force after dealing with the Old Ones?

Both are at full power (whatever that would be for the 'Nids)

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One thing im quiet sure about is that the Necrons have the weapons to take out most forms of Nids on contact, Im not sure if a new strain/type has been shown that has the ability rise from its ashes but then again ive read that the Swarmlord does such a thing or it could be a case of there being multiple types of this Nid version of Doomsday either way apart from the Numbers the Nids have top tier Fighters that could overwhelm the battlefield & not just in numbers but also strategy/fighting skills.

Then on the Necron side u have the elite (Deathmarks?) squad that could just aswell counter any advantage the Nids make if planned well, something the Necrons do very well.

Example Swarmlord/Tyrant is laying waste to all around the other Nids are on a frenzy then out of knowwhere a DeathMark squad appears & Zap!!! Link to the Hivemind is broken & the remaning Nids are in panic.

Point im trying to get at is for the Tyranids to win numbers alone wont win them the day if they dont have enough Swarmlord/Tyrants in field of battle to control the swarm.

At the moment im tending to favour the Necrons :)

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Any views on this epic encounter?

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Newcrons stomp horribly if they're fully united and not bound by honor.

Freaking Matt Ward.

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@Lord_Johnathan said:

Newcrons stomp horribly if they're fully united and not bound by honor.

Freaking Matt Ward.

How so?

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@Jonny_Anonymous said:

@Lord_Johnathan said:

Newcrons stomp horribly if they're fully united and not bound by honor.

Freaking Matt Ward.

How so?


@Lord_Johnathan said:

  • Newcrons have military usable time travel, Orikan uses it to make sure his prophecies are always right. Apparently honor stops them from using it to win every fight they're in.
  • Oh and all major tomb worlds are now world engines, which are planet sized warships of which just one seriously ruined a chunk of the Imperium's day. There are potentially millions of these.
  • The Necrons can shrink and miniaturize entire armies to place them in their collections,
  • They can make stars explode quite casually,
  • Their Lords are now all supergeniuses (Thanks Matt!)
  • the C'tan are now their pet reality warping lovecraftian gods,
  • Trazyn is implied to have jacked a friggin' Primarch,
  • They have low-level reality warping as standard equipment for their battle scientists called crypteks.
  • They manipulate quantum physics to create shields for their vehicles,
  • They have this weapon called the Tachyon arrow which can be fitted on a Necron Lord's wrist and punch through god damn titans and freaking mountains and are common enough to be used by no name lords and have an infinite range as long as the user has line of sight.
  • Scarabs can literally eat titans
  • The Void Dragon C'Tan who fought the Emperor to a standstill until he noticed a chink in it's armor caused by a long period of bombardment from multiple Blackstone fortresses which shoot the weakness of the C'tan with enough force to shatter planets? It was just a tiny shard of the whole thing now!
  • Their vehicles are not only hard as nails but are extremely fast and even their APCs can ruin your day in a heartbeat.
  • They have highly organic air support that reams other air forces that don't have numerical superiority.
  • They have mind control scarabs now.
  • Lords can get a nifty little gadget called a Tesseract labyrinth that can instantly suck you into a maze dimension from which there is no escape and thus end the fight instantly.
  • Necron warscythes can cut through other power weapons
  • They have tech that lets them play at Martian Manhunter and screw with your mind or phase through or even shapeshift
  • Their teleportation tech is ridiculously more advanced than anyone else's in a setting where battlefield teleportation is something pretty much everyone has to some degree,
  • Their basic guns can ruin a tank's day or one shot a space marine so hard not even ashes will be left,
  • Their star ships can withstand the full fury of entire fleets without so much as a scratch and these are terraton to exaton (if using the Nova Cannon) spouting battleships and cruisers mind you, not little system defense boats, and the necron return volley will pretty much cripple the enemy instantly,
  • They have made at least one device that can shut off the warp across a solar system wide area that's about the size of a dodgeball,
  • They could very well outnumber humanity itself,
  • Their Titan equivalents can tear through other titan equivalents with the same ease their starships can rip through enemy fleets.

Many of these feats also come from the Oldcrons, but Matt Ward added some seriously over the top stuff to them.

The main reason they haven't conquered the Galaxy now by spamming warp blocking techs and swarming everyone with world engines and tomb fleets is because they haven't been united for a while. If Sazerekh the Silent King or Imotekh the Storm Lord unites them, everyone else in the setting is seriously f*cked, as in more screwed than if Gazghkull united the Orks, the entirety of the Tyranid species arrived, or Abaddon gets replaced by a Chaos Lord who's competent enough to tell his head from his ass screwed. Also, given that all post-war in heaven oldcron C'tan feats have now been done by mere shards of the C'tan, the C'tan have also been given a ridiculous boost and the Necrons could reform them if they thought that releasing the vengeful C'tan back into the Galaxy in full force was a better alternative than whatever it is they're facing.

The Outsider is still unaccounted for in his Dyson Sphere, it's possible he remains unsharded, so if he gets out, the 40k setting is doomed.

The 40k Galaxy has no hope for the future.

  • Your choices are; The Emperor is reborn and enacts a genocidal war that brings all of the galaxy under his brutal fascistic rule and wipes out all aliens,
  • The Eldar form Ynnead, reforge Khaine, Cegorach reemerges from the webway, and Isha is freed and they destroy Chaos before bringing ruin to every other species,
  • The Orks unite and destroy everyone else in an unending tide of war,
  • The Tau advance to the point where they can conquer everyone and enslave them to a brutal communist oligarchy,
  • Chaos gets someone who's actually competent to lead the Black Crusades and everyone drowns in Daemons and Madmen and the galaxy self destructs in an orgy of self destruction,
  • The Tyranids arrive in full force and strip every last world in the galaxy clean of all life, leaving nothing but airless rocks standing in mute testimony to a galaxy once gushing with life,
  • The Necrons reunite and slaughter everyone else and keep a few left as pets and zoo animals before rebuilding their empire and bringing their vision to other galaxies,
  • Or the Outsider emerges from the Dyson Sphere and being the last of the fully formed C'tan, overpowers and slaughters everyone and hungrily devours their essences before consuming every star in the galaxy, leaving nothing but cold dust and gas.

F*cking Ward.

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@Jonny_Anonymous said:

@Lord_Johnathan said:

Newcrons stomp horribly if they're fully united and not bound by honor.

Freaking Matt Ward.

How so?

Also in the Fluff the Necrons can erase whole sections of space from their Star Chart they have and the C'tan shards are still world level Reality Manipulators.

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Really the nids main advantage is that their numbers are beyond ridiculous, but the Necrons can just sweep aside their ships like chaff. Whereas most factions would be fighting a swarm of ants with shotguns, the Necrons would essentially be packing flamethrowers and ant proof suits.

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My 2 cents comes for reading a lot of the Warhammer 40k books. Essentially the nids are regularly defeated and the necrons are always something you run from, not engage. I believe initailly the necrons would have upper hand as they slaughter the nids. The tyranids would devour a ton of biomass and evolve to better face the necrons and gain the upper hand for a time. Then with all the biomass gone the necrons will still be there cause they keep coming back from the dead and dont have a fatal flaw like kill the leader and the troops dissolve into anarchy

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I have to back the Necrons here, although I don't believe it would be a stomp in their favor. The Tyranids have punched deep holes into the Imperium and the 'Hive Fleets' are probably just scouting tendrals. Although the Necrons have some impressive technology they don't have enough high end stuff to really throw the Tyranids back with ease, and they don't have the mental ability to deal with the situation objectively.

It would be a long, long war. Probably half a dozen centuries at least, but in the end the Necrons would wear down the Tyranids and win.

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Necrons will eventually win this. It will take a while due to the VAST amount of troops the Nids have but at the end of the day the Necrons haxed tech and nigh unkillablity will give them the win.