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Midnighter       vs.     Darth Sidious 
Batman                     Darth Maul 
Mr.Terrific                 Count Dooku 
Hawkman                 Darth Vader 
Cyborg                      Darth Bane 
Aquaman                  Darth Talon 
Morals off 
Location - New York City 
5 hours prep 
Who wins and why?
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This is how the fight would play out in terms of an individual match-up in which each combatant from opposite sides are rallied against their rival.

Midnighter vs Darth Sidious: Midnighter could use Doors and calculative mind will give him the proper solution in which through a scenario he can win.

Batman vs Darth Maul: Now this would be an interesting fight as Darth Maul is very skilled and agile but Batman would take him down pretty easily due having 5 hours of prep as he could use the Insider Suit.

Mr. Terrific vs. Count Dooku: With 5 hours of prep and being one of the most intelligent minds of the DCU, Mr. Terrific can build or create a suit which is immune to attacks or assault through the form of telekinetic abilities regarding the force.

Hawkman vs Darth Vader: Hawkman might have the flight, strength and durability advantage but Darth Vader with his force powers would be able to take him down as he force crushes him to the point where is subdued or put down.

Cyborg vs Darth Bane: Now this would be really close due to the 5 hours of prep that is included as Cyborg would make use of that prep and would build better enhancements for his weapons but Darth Bane being extremely powerful as well as trained through the use of the force would have Cyborg crushes before he can make the right move to take him down.

Aquaman vs Darth Talon: Now this fight would be close but I see Aquaman prevailing in the end due to the fact that if he`s near water or is surrounded by water within a certain vicinity if the overall environment he can use that as his advantage to telepathically summon help in the form of sea animals and with 5 hours of prep could find a way to overcome Darth Talon`s speed, agility and cunning long enough so that he can prevail in regards to his plan but it won`t be easy.

In a battle of a team in which all are working together, Team DC should win due to having key players that are heavily skilled as well as intelligent when it comes to prep and exploiting advantages such as Cyborg, Batman, Mr. Terrific, Midnighter and etc. Formulating a plan shouldn`t be too much of a problem for Team DC, but it will not be easy as some members of the team will fall to their enemy on the opposing side. It comes down to team work, planning, and understanding of the enemies that are being presented.

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5 hours prep for both sides? That could just mean a Sith ritual. If anything, a Wormhole should solo most, if not all.

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Sidious should definitely solo

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Sith stomp in my opinion.

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Lol Sidious would solo them all. Batman would be the largest factor in this fight, though, because of the five hours of prep time. So, he'd maybe raise the difficulty level from 1 to 2 for Sidious, but other than that, the Sith would annihilate. Annihilate.

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5 hours prep for both sides? That could just mean a Sith ritual. If anything, a Wormhole should solo most, if not all.

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siths stomp hard