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The Gunslingers are on Themyscira and they know that someone is coming for them, but they dont know who is coming or how much there will be. The archers know who and how much people are on the island. The archers has 3 hours prep.

Leaders are, Punisher for the Guns, Green Arrow for the archers.

You have to think will the teams work well together. will they listen to what they have been told to do.

Let the battle Begain

GUNSLINGERS- They all get .50 Action Express Twin Desert Eagles, Colt 9mm SMG, Remington Model 870 and any sword of choice.

Jason Todd, Deadshot, Punisher, Roland Deschain, Jonah Hex, Agent 47, Wesley Gibson Aka The Killer

ARCHERS - They all get 200 arrows each, trick arrows including explosive, electric, net, bola, acid, flare, glue, adamantium, cable, hyper sonic, etc ect. Sword of choice.

Green Arrow, Hawkeye. Legolas, Shado, Robin Hood, Roy Harper, Kate Bishop, Mia Dearden, Bullseye

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In realistic Terms The gunslingers would obviously win.

But if you were talking about any scenario Then robin hood might win If he uses Druid magic......

Great battle btw

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Archers, Legolas is a BEAST. They'll take a few casualties though.

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Guns beats Bows and Arrows no matter the Scenario, but if the Archers get first shot then that's a differnet story. Anyways Gunslingers take it.

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This battle is all about terrain. Majority of the Archers have insane range skills with a bow. Only the minority of the Gunslingers can make the same boast.

I'd say Archers take the majority 7/10 of these fights do to their totally insane range skills and trick arrows. Not to mention they have prep which means they can most likely choose where the fight takes place.