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Superman vs. Wonder Woman strength battle.
Is Wonder Woman on par with Superman in regards to strength? I always think of it as if Superman's strength is rated as a 10, WW's would be an 8. What would people rate WW's strength? 

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Superman is stronger. Wonder woman is even with the likes of Thor or Hercules, basically a goddess in her own right. Superman is naturally stronger than her due to the Sun, and hasd been known to lift things the size of MOUNTAINS, and larger if you count pre-crisis supes.  
I can just picture wonder woman arm wrestling she-hulk, followed up with a fantastic mud-wrestling match. 
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Wonder Woman could easily lift a mountain. If she couldn't, when she, Supes and MM pulled the earth, that would have been pointless of her to help. She would have to have been pulling at least a mountain's worth of weight,  if not like, a third of the Earth.   

But of course Superman is stronger, if he wasn't he would never be able to hang with her, since she's a better figher. But I don't get why it says the "Superman Family vs. the WW family", if it's just about those two. And if it is just about those two, it's going to get locked, since it's been done so much.  
I kind of assumed Donna, Cassie, and maybe Power Girl and Supergirl were evolved? That would be more interesting.

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@CylonDorado said:

But I don't get why it says the "Superman Family vs. the WW family", if it's just about those two.


I think it's one of those weird Twilight references... Team Edward vs. Team Jacob.  I say that Superman's stronger, but I'm going with "Team Wonder Woman!"  :)
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Superman, definitely. Although, if they were to ever find themselves in a situation where they needed to face off, more than likely it would be because Superman had lost control somehow. And I believe that, in said situation, Wonder Woman could probably take him down. She strikes me as much more level headed and better at thinking on her feet. Superman doesn't need to most of the time, because he can sneeze and eradicate half a city. Conversely, if Wonder Woman lost control, Superman could bear-hug her and that'd be the end of that.

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bear hug her into submission, take her back to his castle, and cover her in whipped cream...
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@Superguy1591:  I would say you are about right about Wonder Woman being an 8 and superman a 10 ...  Take a look at  www.Metabrawl.com They seem to be doing a superhero comparison site not sure if its finished looks interesting.
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I'm thinking if she can cut his throat in a fight, if you turned off her morals, she'd be able to do the same thing to his midsection and spill his intestines. It would be hard though.