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Scenario: T-ray has gathered a group of villains to take the merc with a mouth down. Deadpool needing help contacts his old friends.




Team DP has a car with a trunk full of weapons and ammunition but the trunk is locked and the keys are inside.

Deadpool is armed with twin katanas, two glock pistols and three grenades

Agent X is armed with two Desert Eagles and a M16 assault rifle

Taskmaster is in his Udon costume and is armed with a katana, a Benelli M4 shotgun and has watched a Jackie Chan marathon

Outlaw is armed with a Smith & Wesson model 29 revolver

Weasel is in his House armor

Team TR is aware that Deadpool has got help but not who they are.

T-ray has a United Edge Colombian Sawback Survival Machete and fifteen freshly reanimated corpses

Slayback has no weapons (not like he would need them)

Typhoid Mary has a katana, and six throwing knives

Ajax has an RPG-7 with two rockets

Creed does not have adamantium

Location: Tokyo (populated)

Win is by KO, incapacitation, and/or Death

They start 60 feet apart

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team deadpool cant lose, they have UDON Tasky

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Team Deadpool. You shouldn't have removed Creed's adamantium.

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@Jean199999: How much of an advantage do think it give him? Cause even with out his adamantium I hear hes quite a formidable opponent.

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I just realized from a completely comedic view point that Taskmaster could solo this. All he needs is to have is a vision of his deceased master, love interests is watching, holding a ladder in one hand, a baby in the other and constantly yelling "I don't want any trouble."

But in all seriousness though do you think that Taskmaster is the game changer?

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What can that house armor do?

Also, better question, Outlaw's underboob vs. Typhoid's innerboob.

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In the House armor weasel was able to go toe-to-toe with Grizzly, a Spiderman villain with super strength around 15 tons. Though Weasel did defeat him in Wildcard armor both armors are the same only different name and color (Wildcard was meant for Deadpool). The armor can also shoot blasts from its hands and shoulders as well as a few other things that aren't coming to mind. I don't have scans sorry.

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I seriously don't think that this fight would be so easy for team Deadpool. A few things that help the enemy team is that T-ray knows necromancy and they're in a populated area. That means that not only will Innocent people get hurt and/or die but that could also add on to T-rays group of zombies. Slayback is no pushover. He dominated his first real fight with Deadpool and I remember him forcing Deadpool threw stone walls with little to no effort which gives him some form of super strength. He's also pretty fast and able to stretch out his arms and form his hands into sharp stabbing weapons.


Ajax has an RPG and could very well blow plenty of stuff up (heck there's the possibility he might end up hitting team Deadpool's car) and lets not forget about his super speed cause when you mix that with his enhanced strength (I'm not sure how strong he is buuuuuuut...) he becomes one of the heaviest hitters on team T-ray having effortlessly beaten the crap out of an unarmed Deadpool, breaking many of his bones.

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Dead pools team has no chance at all at winning this

Ajax and t ray combined could solo this adding creed there is overkill