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Team Calvin
  • God Calvin
  • Stupendous Man
  • Spaceman Spiff
  • Tracer Bullet
  • Calvin w/ transmogrifier gun and duplicator
  • Calvin when he grew bigger than a Galaxy


The X-Men

Who wins?

And don't say "all of those characters were figments of Calvin's imagination. X-Men win." or something like that.
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I win

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The only question is if Phoenix could stand up to Vengeful God Calvin and bigger-than-the-galaxy Calvin. The rest of the Calvin's (aside from Stupendous Man who was on pre-crisis Supes levels) would be easily beaten by other mutants. I'm thinking only God Calvin could give Phoenix trouble since other than size, bigger-than-the-galaxy Calvin was just a normal boy with no powers. If he grew to be bigger than Eternity or something he might be a bother, but I don't really see it.