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Now I have a little back story of why Kitty would be fighting Superman, so just stick with me on this...

A long and heated fight with Kang the Conqueror, the Avengers and X-Men are on the verge of Victory, till Kang trys to escape through time! As he does Kitty tries to stop him and for some reason she tries to phase through him, but at that time Kang disappears to another point in time. Kitty wakes up in metropolis with no memory. She soon realizes she has special powers and someone notices this...Lex Luthor!He takes Kitty in and manipulates her and soon she is Lex's lapdog. Soon Kitty has a hatred for Superman that is off the charts... She hangs around Metropolis waiting for Superman to stop a crime... Then she attacks.

This is an assassination.

So what we have is a bloodlusted Shoadwcat, who wants Superman dead! She knows all about Superman and his powers. Superman has no idea that he is about to be attacked! Kitty is going straight for the killing blow, no time waisting!

Can she pull it off?

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Don't know much about Kitty, but maybe she can phase through his heart or brain with her hand and try killing him like that. If that doesn't work, or if he notices her attacking him from behind, there's a high possibility of failing.

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Yeah, she can phase through his heart or brain, but cant damage the tissue. If she knows there are no way to do this she can simply pull some stuff out of superman's body, because some organs can be taken without rip, i cant figure out superman fighting with lots of his organs around him.

In this case shadowcat can win.

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I cannot see Kitty pulling it off. Superman's been through much worse...