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Goku takes round 1 then superman rolls them both in round 2.

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Goku takes round 1 then superman rolls them both in round 2.

How? i believe Superman doesn't have as good control as Flash when he goes FTL and Goku have reacted,dodged and deflected light speed beams.

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I love how in the OP it looks like Supes is throwing a deuce up.

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@theorder14: Something doesn't have to be by the original author to be considered canon; this is evident through the majority of shows and comics which often change authors. Dragonball Z is considered canon because it is simply an adaptation of the work manga itself. It simply translates the series itself and is considered canon by the original author.
For the record he actually considers GT to be somewhat canon as well; at least in the sense that he considers it an interesting side-story, however since the power levels differ greatly between GT and Z and since you did not consider it canon I let the matter go rather than complicating the issue.

Both would be able to. Thor doesn't have the speed feats required to tag Goku, that's true; but his god-blast likely would tag Goku as would the storms he can conjure. All he needs to do is stagger Goku in some form (like with those two methods) then while Goku is staggered Thor can unleash his power on Goku.
Superman, meanwhile; does have the speed to keep up with Goku and in fact move faster than him. Superman doesn't typically use speed as his main weapon in fights because he has no need; he's invulnerable and super-strong. However he has used speed in the past; such as when fighting speedsters like the Flash.

As for the martial arts thing; no, just no. Goku is not in any way, shape, or form; comparable to Karate Kid. Goku is good at martial arts; as are Thor and Superman, and while he may outclass them somewhat, they still have far better stats which is much more advantageous than martial arts. (It's why defence courses, military training, etc. utilizes equalizers rather than just using martial arts and why weight differences matter so much in MMA tournaments).

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@rpottage said:


The "seed" of a blackhole is a blackhole. Smaller blackholes are still blackholes; that's why so many people freaked out when the LHC was being built and they discovered the risk of creating micro-blackholes. Fortunately such blackholes would be so small that should they have been created they would not have been able to survive their own force and would immediately collapse in on themselves causing no harm to us. However a blackhole that can support itself is a blackhole, regardless of size.

It was from a comic and the color of the sun is irellevent since a supernova occurs after intense reactions that drastically change the star. When in DBZ did he display planet busting punches? Bearing in mind that, as per this quote/reply chain, Movies and GT are not canon and cannot be considered.

As I already said; lifting is different from pushing. He had to exert great effort pushing a mountain apart. I also somewhat question the 60 tons since, iirc, it was calculated that he was a 40 tonner at base.

It was stated that the "black hole" wasn't a black hole, it was a device, that's what I meant by seed. The black hole it contained was the size of a particle of dust, and it was disabled before the black hole was fully released, and even then Superman stated he was extremely strained. He's also almost been killed from a black hole before.

Goku being a 40 tonner at base is extremely inconsistent actually, considering even in Frieza Saga he could do backflips and somersaults at over 100 times the force of gravity. Assuming Goku weighs 180 pounds, that would mean he would be weighing 9 tons. Add to that the 250 pound weighted clothing Goku wears, that would add another 12.5 tons. Meaning at base at the beginning of Frieza Saga, Goku was already capable of holding 31.5 tons with zero issue, and that's weight strained across his entire body for extended periods of time.

As for the kai planet, I've seen that used to debunk DBZ strength before. But remember, Goku always wears weighted clothing during training, and even in Dragonball that clothing was at least 250 pounds (as stated by Tien). Over and above this, the Kai planets don't have the same level of gravity as Earth. King Kai's planet alone has 10x the normal gravity of Earth, who knows how heavy the Grand Kai's planet is. So it could be 400 tons, it could be 4,000 tons, it could be 40 tons. Plus who knows how heavy his clothing is these days, we know at one point King Kai removed the weights off his clothes, but who knows if that ever got changed during his training.

It's hard to calculate actual strength in DBZ, as Goku through sheer striking power has crumbled mountains by his mere presence, destroyed entire islands and mountain ranges as a byproduct of his blows, and hit people hard enough to send them below the Earth's crust. A single blast from Goku can destroy a planet several times over, and contain the force necessary to do so.

Thanks for reading,


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Wasn't there a interview recently where Akira Toriyama said that he didn't consider GT canon in his DBZ cus he didn't have anything to do with it at all.?

I still believe Goku would be able to take them out b4 they can tag him. Goku have reacted,dodged and deflected light speed beams up close so i highly doubt their attacks would hit him. How r u so sure that superman can move faster than Goku? His combat speed compared to Goku is very slow and superman can only blitz fast. There's also a scan where they mention that Superman's mind is left behind when he goes FTL so it's obvious that he can't control his top speed as good as Flash. Also, there's alot of things Goku could do avoiding getting tagged. I did mentioned he have dodged beams up close right? he can feel his opponents every movements without seeing them + he can use phanthoms and solar flare. and if he's rly in trouble, he could simply use IT.

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Scenario 1-Thor>Goku>Superman

Scenario 2-Superman>Thor>Goku

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Who bumped this thread, now it's about to get locked.

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well i'd say goku round 1

thor round 2

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@thedarklordpandamonium: Wow, that proves Goku is not only a lot stronger than we thought, but is also massively ftl- which is great!